Saturday, 5 December 2009

These are the cakes I made last night for Anna & Dave's wedding today. I went to the gorgeous City Rooms to set them up this morning and this is what happened. I thought I would take pics as I went along to show what went on.
They requested choc guinness cakes with a silver and burgandy theme. And ta da. It was my first wedding and I was well nervous but the boy came and set up with me and calmed my fears. I would like to thank my mom for helping me friday with cleaning up and stuff and making me endless cups of tea and going to get me stuff if I ran out. And I would like to thank the boy for getting up really early on a saturday morning even though he had been out with his football boys friday night and making sure I didnt fall apart!
The photos dont do it justice. They looked so pretty and looked lovely set against the other wedding tables.
Congratulations Anna & Dave!!! Hope you liked them!!!!!
After setting up the cakes me and the boy went Christmas tree shopping for a real tree, felt really wintery and had such fun. What an overall awesome day. The tree looks beaut. The garland over the fireplace looks beaut, and the roaring fire is beaut. Happy days!
Clothes Show tomorrow. Nightttt xxxxx


  1. wow! They look absolutely AMAZING! Well done hunny!!! xxxx

  2. That is A LOT of cupcakes. They look delicious! I love the ones with the silver balls around the edges.