Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Random thing.....

I haven't posted in a while due to rubbish internets and things. I nicked this off... Sorry. I hope you don't mind. I was bored....

Current books:
I haven't read in ages, although I do love reading. I realised I have Cheryl Coles book to read that my lovely friend bought me for my birthday last year and I STILL haven't read it. I think I will read that next. I read absolute tat... In case you hadn't gathered.

Current Music:
I always have, always will love the Ataris. True love never dies. The same goes for Mcfly. I love them. I'm such a gimp.

Current shame inducing guilty pleasure:
Oh dear... N-Dubz... Anytime I hear their music I just want to dance about.

Current colours:
I love purple and I love green. I wear them alone. Together. Whatever. I love colours. Actually. Today I am wearing a black tulip skirt with a green hawaiian shirt tucked in and a red cardi. Nice. Sounds awful but it looks alreet. People at work say I look nice? They might just be being polite.

Current obsessions:
Cupcakes and the baking of them. Dogs in costumes. Shoes. Christmas. Glitter.

Current drink:
I'm off the wine. I turn into a right shit when I drink it. I am all about Vodka and tonic right now. Though its a bit boring. Bring on cocktails. It is Christmas after all!

Current song:
Playing With Fire - N-Dubz Feat. Mr Hudson. Man there is something wrong with me!

Current movie:
I like anything me. But I love When Harry Met Sally. I always have, always will. And Comedy Central have been playing it recently. I sound like a right loser right. But you can't help what you like. I don't care. 80's films are my favourite. Plus I think I slightly fell in love with Billy Crystal thanks to this film.

Current tv shows:
Supersize Vs. Superskinny. Scrubs. Anything Gordon Ramsey... Especially F-Word. Office...The American Workplace. X-Factor...Well I did, its getting a bit boring. But I'm still in the office sweepstake so its still fun!

Current wish list:
New mixer for the cakes. GHDs because I smashed mine. GOOOOOD! (twat) The boy. A cute little cupcake shop. For my friends to be happy.

Current needs:
The boy. Chocolate. Good food (pref with the boy) A new dress for Christmas party. Glitter. I love Glitter.

Current triumph:
Being asked to make 100 cupcakes to pile up into a wedding cake. These people are lovely and I am actually rather honoured that they have put their trust in me!

Current bane of my existance:
My own thoughts.

Current goal:
To be thinner. To stop eating chocolate. To make amazing wedding cakes.

Current indulgence:
Toffee Crisps. Dear god.

Current blessing:
My friends. The boy. My family. My job.

Current slang or sayings:
I swear down.

Current (fav) outfits:
My purple skirt.
My black skirt.
My dinner lady dress.
My star jumper.
My charity shop hawaiian shirt.

Current excitement:
Christmas. Christmas trees with the girls and the boy and the office. Festive London. Festive Leicester. Festive Dulverton Palace. Festive Harrow Castle.

Current mood:
Quite twinkly really.

Now I have done this I feel a bit as though I have let everyone into my poor existance hahahah. I like what I like. And I think its funny. hahahahaha

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  1. lol! You make me laugh.... I'm going to grab it and pop it in a postage... hope you dont mind :oD

    Love you blog by the way, your cakes are just fabulous. Any Xmas cupcake ideas? x