Monday, 28 December 2009

December then....

Weeelll... this is in back to front order because I still havent learnt about adding pictures on this damn thing but oh well.

So Christmas day was nice... the boy got me this...

A Hello Kitty toaster which prints the face of Kitty on the toast haha. Its amazing! He also got me a book I used to read when I was a kid. He's good at remembering things... In general he's just good.

Ma & Pa totally outdid themselves and got me this!

I REALLY needed it. I think they got it because of that fact and because I had borrowed my Ma's old one and she basically wanted it back hahah.

Then our house got this as a joint present from our friend Laura. ALSO amazing.

(It's a toilet seat cover)

Hello David, Hello.

I took Brodie into town and we went shopping and looked at the lights and then went to the City Gallery where they had a kids activity day going on and we made decorations for the tree out of glitter ribbon feathers and laminating papers.

Me and the girls all took a trip to London to do a bit of last minute shopping and looking at lights and visiting my boss in the London office. Managed to buy loads. Including a nice green pair of Vans. Awesome.

And it snowed and me and Lar felt well festive walking down Tottenham Court Road. Got to Oxford Street and it had gone and was replaced with wetness and giant puddles.

Went to Winter Wonderland on Hyde Park or something. Was OK. But it rained.

On my birthday my ma's friend made me this...

She also had made me one when I was little. And I always went on about it. So she did me another one. WICKED. It was filled with M&Ms.

Went to the work Christmas do in Brum. We had Michael McIntyre & The Sugababes hahaha.
I like the Sugababes, I dont so much like Michael McIntyre... But he was ok, wine was £1. I got drunk. Anything is ok when youre drunk... Well I dont condone EVERYTHING but you know what I mean ahaha.
Had the "christmas fuddle" in the office. I had never heard the term "fuddle" before. I still prefer plain old BUFFET. It was nice though. Got some slipper boots for secret santa. Theyre amazing.

Went to the Clothes Show... the stalls and all that for clothes were a bit shit and tacky but the vintage bit was awesome and then when I had seen a few catwalk shows it was good. My ma took me it was nice to spend some time with her.
The main show was so amazing I was lost for words. Dancing. Clothes. Hot men. Hot girls. Glitter. Lights. All of it. Oh and Reese from Hollyoaks though to be fair he seemed well up his own ass so no...

But there was Gok Wan, Ferne Cotton and Dave Berry...
I don't like Gok Wan either. Remember your roots Gok. Leicester born and bred. Oh yeah my dad told me your brother can do a one inch punch. Thats pretty sick.

and thats that folks. All in all a lovely time. Unfortunatately the boy has nipped off back to Belfast to see his family for Christmas but will be back on tuesday so all is good.
I think I had the best family Christmas which I didnt really expect because normally its just me my ma my dad and brother Joe. But this year we had my auntie and her boyfriend for dinner and Nan and Gramps and Brother Joes mate Ben because his parentsl ive far and he didnt have enough time off work to go home to them. So it was really fun. Next doors came over. I got drunk and we played games and had a sing song and a strum on the old guitar.
Nice one. Thanks to my family and friends for all the fun and games and presents and love.
Thanks to the boy for the toaster I will now be amused by toast as long as it lasts. LOVE IT. xxx

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