Sunday, 13 December 2009

All is festive in Bitsy's world...

So I made Peter Schmeichel into an angel for the boys tree. Because this is what I do... Make cute things for people I love.
BUT.. Nothing will beat the original and best... Zippy. Coming out to play at Dulverton Palace for the second year running...
This is how pretty our lounge looks like... and totally beats the boys if there was a real fire... so he wins there but still. I got radiatorssss! In yo' face!
This was the boys. But it did it no justice... the picture of ours is better because Gabby took it with her Ipod phone. My phone/camera anything is shit so it comes out like this.... or I have to take it with flash. And then its shit.. But its still lovely to go there and sit by the fire with the tree and stuff. Gorgeous.
Got festive at work...something to do...

Me & Burt getting festive with the pink tree..

So thats how its been of late.
Merry christmas and all that.

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