Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Birthday tomorrow.

In case anyone is wondering I would appreciate finding at the end of the bed when the morning comes (a bit like christmas just less christmassy) a big St Bernard dog. in fact...scratch that... I would like it as a puppy so I could appreciate it like that and then see it grow and change hahah .... the boy in a bow... just the bow.... maybe some kind of dapper hat just for laughs... a nice cake with candles in it... thats the shame about being "the cake maker" you never really get cake! I think really thats all I want. Oh and some GHDs as my hair without them is a big frizzy mess. Try that with a big fat fringe. not a good look. SO. Although most of you do not know me.... take heed and send the above items forthwith!!

Thanks! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Well Happy Birthday to you! :D

    I bought you a St Bernard......but I kept it hehe :)

    Awww hope some1 does get you cake!

    Have a great day. xXx

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  3. http://lh6.ggpht.com/_Pyydl_bJ0yk/SynUt7bZV-I/AAAAAAAADWk/UiO90qGn-e0/s1600/happy+birthday+bitsy%5B4%5D.png

    made that for your birthday! hope its a great one! :D