Wednesday, 25 November 2009

So...Whats happened since my last post. The boys got back across from Ireland safely and we drove back... The weather on the way to Wales was horrendous but on the way back it went back to being nice driving with the boy weather. Sunny and pretty and nice times. He gave me another cool gift. A Man U glass with a picture of a young Ryan Giggs on it.Me and gab love it!!!

Got home hung out, went to the football etc.

Its been nice, still the same as always, but nice I guess.

Went to the pub last night with Picto and Darran. We were talking about funny things. At one point early on I thought I was gonna have to go home. You know when youre talking about things and you want them to happen for you but they arent happening and the worst thing in the world you can imagine is those things happening with the person you want them to happen with and someone else. Not you. Its heart breaking. That doesnt really make much sense but nothing really makes much sense right now. I didnt realise my 27th Birthday is less than 4 weeks away and I am having some sort of mini midlife crisis/breakdown. I have lots to say, fears, blah blah about it but I darent because I will sound like a worrying loser! woo.

I built my dreams around you - The Pogues & Kirsty Macoll.

I need to not build my dreams around the boy.


Work is still quiet... but on a good note my favourite Irish Mancunian is coming to see me (well not just me, everyone, but I'll say me, just because I can) tomorrow and I am excited! I miss his face.

Thought I would post as I have nothing better to do. I have nothing of interest to say though!

Its the wedding on 5th December! Scary! Didnt realise it was soooo close. Cupcakes ahoy!!

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