Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I love how...

...Work goes from being so busy I cannot breathe to absolutely nothing with not so much as a drop of a hat.

The systems haven't been working for two days so I cant get on spread designer to do owt anyway. So I have just been looking at blogs and googling pictures of dogs in costumes and oh my mate sent me this, take a look, like she said "you won't regret it"


To be honest, as much as I didnt regret it, at the same time I did.

I hate not being busy because all I can think about is the boy and all that. Sometimes it makes me not sleep at night. Sometimes he tells me he cant sleep for thinking about things. I don't know if its the same things. To be fair I think he would have better things to think about than me.

I am all a quandry. A little washing machine full of thoughts.

I have butterflies all the time when I think of things. But of late they feel like they have mutated into mini monkeys that run about my insides like mini mentalists. All the same I feel strangely excited about most things life has to offer right now and that can only be a good thing right?

I dont think anyone has made me happy like he does in ages.

I dont think anything has made me happy like cupcake baking does in ages.

I dont think anyone makes me smile like the boy does.

I dont think anything makes me smile like looking at dogs in costumes does.

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