Thursday, 12 November 2009

A million Posts in One Go....

Remember how I said a while ago that my friend at work still had her cupcake I made her on her desk because she said it was too pretty to eat... Well I finally went and took a picture of it... hahah. Ta Dan. xxxxx

Also, I have been messing about and making little pictures for my website and this is one. I like it I think its cute.

I have been on holiday from work for the past two days... and what have I done... Sweet FA. Niceeeee.
Wales tomorrow with the boy and Picto. Exciting. Well they're popping off to Dublin, I'm chilling in Wales. hope to see Jemma and the bab!!!
If the boy doesnt get me some Golden Crisp I will take him and I will beat him. hahahahah
Picto just made bad ass cottage pie. I love him for his cleverness in the cooking of all things pie.
I'm off to the pube for quiz. nighttt xxxxx

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