Thursday, 5 November 2009


There's not much I love more than being surrounded by my buddies, good food & drink. But when you add fireworks into the equation I get a bit excited. Yes Fireworks!!!!

Got cake pics to post but being as my internet is an absolute butt hole and I have rang Sky and told them they can stick it up their own butt holes being as its been ages (like months) and they still havent fixed it. So I now just have no internet at home and no camera cable at work. Weeeeee.

One day little followers, one day.

Haha it makes me laugh that some people let alone 1 person follows me. I thought noone would. I write shit.

Once again I apologise as I know its labelled as cake site or something. Well with me you get what youre given. And my mum said only the other day, "well youre not normal are you Char?"

Yeah cheers Sue.

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