Saturday, 22 August 2009

I took cupcakes into work... (66 in total!!) I like to call them thank you/bribery cakes. Everyone was sooo lovely and I received many many thank you emails and calls! I would like to give a big fat shout out to all the buyers and buying assistants and other people who help me out @ Next! Wooooo. Thanks for being proactive and lovely, therefore making my job less stressful!! KEEP IT UP. KEEP IT UP!!!!!

Lots of cakes for lots of people. Cookies & Cream. Raspberry & White Chocolate. Carrot. Guiness Chocolate cake. Rainbow Cake.

A lass called Danielle at work still has her rainbow cupcake on her desk. From last THURSDAY! Thats over a WEEK. She says its too pretty to eat!! Awww so cute!! I hope it doesnt go mouldy. Will it??? I suppose it probably will?

Hatton Farm Park tomorrow with Boo. Don't know who's more excited about the guinea pig village her or me???

The boy is away again. I was a bit "thumbs down" but then he called and everything was peachy.

Goodnight xxx

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