Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Birthday Baking...

So again its been an evening of baking. I'm sure if I didn't bribe my housemates with cake they would be well peeved at the mess I often make and all the pots and pans and baking parephenalia cluttering up the place. I have actually gone nuts for it.

SO its Helens birthday at work tomorrow... She asked for Guinness cakes as a birthday treat but due to being poorer than the old lady that lived in her shoe I couldnt come up with the ingredients to make them... Boo.

One day the little babies will pay for themselves and she will never have to go without again.

BUT... being as I have big big boxes of sugar and flour and mountains of butter and bits and bobs I could make some good old fashioned vanilla cupcakes...

Ta Daaah... These are them

Using what I could scrape together from my beautiful beautiful kitchen I made vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream oozing chocolate fudge ganache in the centre.

SO theyre still pretty special.

The girls at work really do benefit from my baking skills. Theyre awesome and believe in me a bit which is nice. So I'd like to say many thanks to them for being my guinea pigs!

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