Friday, 14 August 2009

Ahhh it's Friday afternoon, I have the day off from work, I'm listening to McFly and I am baking for my friend Tara. It was her birthday the other day and tonight we are off out to partake in wine and dancing. So I thought I would bake her some fantastico rainbow cupcakes to make her happy and to impress her friends that I havent met before hahaha. I will try and learn how to upload a photo when I'm done so that you can see.

Ooooh you do realise that my blog will be rather rubbish. My head is full of rubbish. Hahaha.

If you had to choose.... Would you rather.... Everything you ate from now on tasted of tuna or that you had your hand stuck in a jam jar forever more?

(McFly: Corrupted)

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