Saturday, 15 August 2009

Morningggg. Well I feel a bit rotten. Thank you alcohol!!! Last night was nice, different, but cool. Some bloke said I looked like "the one off Hollyoakes that Tony married but shouldnt have" turns out he was talking about the bird that was also on 2 point 4 children. I didnt know if that was a good thing, but he said she was hot. I was like. "Oh Ta." hahaha.
The cakes went down very well with the girls and one of them also said she is interested in me doing some wedding cupcakes for her! Awesome.

Am supposed to be baking this morning. Grandpas 80th Birthday next week, but dinner with him tomorrow, but I have said I will go play Home & Away (a laborious and crap football scores drinking game) with the boy this avo. So being as I am hungover and lame I am out of bed late. I'll have to get up extra early tomorrow. Thats never gonna happen ahahaha. Have a fantastico dayyyy.. xx

(Lady Ga Ga : Eh Eh (Nothing else I can Say) )

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