Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Good Afternoon.

Blogging on my lunchbreak is going to be my new favourite thing to do at work.

Little stresses seem to be easing as all my employment bugbears are now pretty much sorted thanks to some little beauty down in Londres. So thats all very nice. Everything is coming together. Also I am going to Germany to see the printing process so thats pretty cool. I love going places. Specially last minute no plans trips. LOVE IT. So next thursday I am off. Whoop.

I want an I Phone. My list of wants is getting LONG.

I Phone.
Kenwood mixer.
Proper website.
Danny from McFly.
Box of paste colours.
Proper food.
The boy to come back.
Lots of money in my pocket solely to spend on SHOES.
A house.
A menagerie of Guinea Pigs.
Internet at home that works.
A new dress.

Theres more. I'll just have to add as days go on... haha.

Saw the most amazing cake ever... So want to try and recreate it. I cant find the picture now but I have it on the computer at home. I will post it later... Its amazing.

Everyone at work is pregnant. Its a hive of hormones.

This is ridiculous...
Who'd have that?!?! Its a disgrace. ITS NOT ME. thanks very much!

Would you rather...eat 150 wasps or have both hands cut off?

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