Saturday, 15 August 2009

Evening. I think late night baking is my favourite. I have been thinking whilst baking. I have been thinking that I like baking to music. I also like baking to series' of Frasier. I think I love the fact I have a stereo in my kitchen. I also love the fact I have a TV and DVD player in my kitchen. AND I love my big ass kitchen table. I think I would be lost without it. I would like a kenwood mixer. That would finish everything off nicely. I am broke. PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY!!

I did go to the boys for that stupid game. Went to the shop to look at the wine. Just the thought of it made me want to do a little sick so I decided to stick with Passionfruit Rubicon. So I just watched them play the lame game and got slightly bored. Then the boy was showing me all sorts of foreign football shirts online. Which was kind of like fashion so I was a little less bored so that was very nice of him. Just for your reference South Africas shirt is a disgrace. Ugliest thing I ever did see.

Er, can't remember who has the nicest. Soz. hahah.

Boy is away til Tuesday, so also ended up offering my services to take him to Notts. Maybe I should be Bitsys Taxis instead. I didnt mind. I like driving with him. Its always sunny when I drive with him. Wish Tuesday would come quicker.

Will post photo of cakes when I am done....again....

(McFly : Falling in Love)

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