Sunday, 16 August 2009

It's 12.58am.....

....And the internet is being an ASSHOLE.

I thought I would take a couple of little pictures as I went along tonight...hahaha. I was a bit bored. Not as bored as you will be if you ever come to take time to read this...

Yeah, so. This is my workspace. Small. But cute. I'm addicted to Frijj right now. Its the only thing that keeps me going throughout this soup challenge. I frickin love chocolate... And then I pottered about baking and what and this is what came out of the oven...

Then I pottered a bit more and iced and so on and this is what happened. A bit lame to be honest but its late and the colours dont go too well I needed a darker green for the writing but I didnt have one. I thought about scrapping green and blue but they are the colours he likes so no.

OOOH! And just so you know these little babies are simple vanilla sponge cupcake with vanilla buttercream BUT inside they are packed with Nutella. OH YEAH. Just to give the old boy a little treat. Gramps has got a sweet tooth! (That's not even a lie. He only has ONE tooth. Hahahah. Funniest thing you'll see, yet also the grossest. I'll try and snap him munching the cake. It's not funny to laugh at old people. Or is it?)

Oh I'd like to say I am sleepy. But my head is just full of thoughts. Meh.

(Endless Love : Diana Ross & Lionel "All Night Long" Ritchie)

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