Saturday, 22 August 2009

I took cupcakes into work... (66 in total!!) I like to call them thank you/bribery cakes. Everyone was sooo lovely and I received many many thank you emails and calls! I would like to give a big fat shout out to all the buyers and buying assistants and other people who help me out @ Next! Wooooo. Thanks for being proactive and lovely, therefore making my job less stressful!! KEEP IT UP. KEEP IT UP!!!!!

Lots of cakes for lots of people. Cookies & Cream. Raspberry & White Chocolate. Carrot. Guiness Chocolate cake. Rainbow Cake.

A lass called Danielle at work still has her rainbow cupcake on her desk. From last THURSDAY! Thats over a WEEK. She says its too pretty to eat!! Awww so cute!! I hope it doesnt go mouldy. Will it??? I suppose it probably will?

Hatton Farm Park tomorrow with Boo. Don't know who's more excited about the guinea pig village her or me???

The boy is away again. I was a bit "thumbs down" but then he called and everything was peachy.

Goodnight xxx

Friday, 21 August 2009

Its Fridayyyyyy....

...and I have decided that I am going to go to town with the cupcakes. I am gonna start making special things that are beyond your wildest dreams. I have one thing, which I have had in mind for a while now... Although I am not sure quite how to do it... I'm being very vague I know... But that's because I do not want to let the cat out of the bag just yet no no no.

But I thought I would mention it on here, not only because I havent had anything worthy to blog in two days, but also because I am trying to build suspense...rather woefully. HA.

So watch this space.

If anyone has anything good to say about me or my cakes... feel free to comment. Everybody loves a bit of feedback...

This guy is drawn by Natalie Dee. I have loved her work since me and Burt came across her website while bored working for MyCrapMove in 2002. hahaha

go to and prepare for awesomeness...

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Manchester 0 - 1 Burnley!!!

I'm a united fan but I have a little soft spot for Burnley thanks to Shaun so I would've been happy with any result... Here's to the underdog!

Half day....

... at work and I am now sat on the internet wasting it... Does it count if the suns shining in through the window onto your head?

The song Who Knew by Pink is playing on some variety of music channel on sky... it really makes me think about Burt. To the point where my eyes begin to well a little bit.

"...I'll keep you locked in my head, until we meet again...I won't forget you my friend. What happened.... Time makes it harder I wish I could remember... But I keep your memory. You visit me in my sleep..."

I don't know what old Pink was singing about but it still hits a nerve a bit.

Once upon a time Burt came round with Boo (her little un) to make cakes. Except me and Burt got carried away and tried to take over... Poor old Boo didnt get a look in...
Burt & Boo baking... this photo really doesn't do the pair of them justice. My beautiful girls... I'll find something nice...
Kirstie Lois Holmes...
Such a poser. But the best friend. Such a funny bastard.

And with no further ado...may I introduce the little un... Brodie Scarlett Mimi Boo...

A poser just like her ma.

Shes well into baking... I promise she asks to do it... I dont even have to force her!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Birthday Baking...

So again its been an evening of baking. I'm sure if I didn't bribe my housemates with cake they would be well peeved at the mess I often make and all the pots and pans and baking parephenalia cluttering up the place. I have actually gone nuts for it.

SO its Helens birthday at work tomorrow... She asked for Guinness cakes as a birthday treat but due to being poorer than the old lady that lived in her shoe I couldnt come up with the ingredients to make them... Boo.

One day the little babies will pay for themselves and she will never have to go without again.

BUT... being as I have big big boxes of sugar and flour and mountains of butter and bits and bobs I could make some good old fashioned vanilla cupcakes...

Ta Daaah... These are them

Using what I could scrape together from my beautiful beautiful kitchen I made vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream oozing chocolate fudge ganache in the centre.

SO theyre still pretty special.

The girls at work really do benefit from my baking skills. Theyre awesome and believe in me a bit which is nice. So I'd like to say many thanks to them for being my guinea pigs!


Is the amazing cake I mentioned this afternoon... (first things first...I did not make this...someone very very talented did. One day I am gonna do copy in homage to it though! Wait and see!)

How awesome is it!??!? In case you dont know I collect tea pots. I am a coffee drinker. Not really a tea drinker. But I love tea pots. And I love tea parties. And quintessential Englishness of it. Not that England is actually like that. But I wish it was.

Me and Gab are watching Supersize Vs Superskinny. Some bloke has lost 9 stone! And still has a way to go! If we lost that we'd be skeletal!! Good on him!

I have no money but...

...on saturday just been I bought a magazine that was £4.25... Just because it was American.

Tip from meeeee .... American Cosmo is an awesome read.

Good Afternoon.

Blogging on my lunchbreak is going to be my new favourite thing to do at work.

Little stresses seem to be easing as all my employment bugbears are now pretty much sorted thanks to some little beauty down in Londres. So thats all very nice. Everything is coming together. Also I am going to Germany to see the printing process so thats pretty cool. I love going places. Specially last minute no plans trips. LOVE IT. So next thursday I am off. Whoop.

I want an I Phone. My list of wants is getting LONG.

I Phone.
Kenwood mixer.
Proper website.
Danny from McFly.
Box of paste colours.
Proper food.
The boy to come back.
Lots of money in my pocket solely to spend on SHOES.
A house.
A menagerie of Guinea Pigs.
Internet at home that works.
A new dress.

Theres more. I'll just have to add as days go on... haha.

Saw the most amazing cake ever... So want to try and recreate it. I cant find the picture now but I have it on the computer at home. I will post it later... Its amazing.

Everyone at work is pregnant. Its a hive of hormones.

This is ridiculous...
Who'd have that?!?! Its a disgrace. ITS NOT ME. thanks very much!

Would you 150 wasps or have both hands cut off?

Monday, 17 August 2009

I frickin love....

.... the smell of carrot cake baking on an evening.

Would you rather sweat cheese or puke marbles...?

I don't actually know what I love more... the smell of carrot cake on an evening or that question. Oh I am laughing.

(Finch : Letters to You)

Many pictures....

I am fishing through my cake pictures and I thought I would put up some of my favourites...

I made these so that Tara could show her friends pretty cakes...

These are just cool....

Oooh I made these for Shaun when Burnley got into the Premiership. They are vanilla sponge with glace cherries in...

These were Easter cakes sold in FUBAR. They were choc sponge cakes with choc icing but then inside each cake was like either a mini Terrys Chocolate Orange egg or a mini Cadburys Creme Egg....

These cakes are also cool as. Neal at work said he loved my cakes and wanted more. So I asked him what his fave thing was so I could transfer it to cake and he said fishing. (That's Neal that is... Sat on the rock. Ha ha) Ta daaaahhh...

These little beauties are green sponge with minstrels in. Hahah. Coconut coloured green for the grass, little subbuteo men and balls I made outta icing. Also cool...

These are chocolate Guinness Cakes with Baileys icing I made for the boy on St Patricks Day. I also made a shed load more and sold them at FUBAR.

I made these cakes on request for an engagement present. Guiness chocolate cakes with vanilla buttercream and pretty things on top. Gift boxes. Beaut...

Cherry cakes for Paddys mom for letting us stay at their beautiful house when we went to watch Man U v Fullham....

Made these for the road trip up to Manchester... Good times...

Made these for the boy to show him what else I could do with a bit of icing and some glitter. These are mini cakes, because he prefers savoury, so he says, he still munches away... hahah...

These were the first paid order I did for my good friend John, they were valentines cakes for his lovely lovely girlfriend...

More mini cakes for valentines... Sold at FUBAR...
Nutella Cakes... Yummy...

White Choc and Raspberry cake with white choc buttercream...

Cakes for John and Sav... Just because...

Yeah, so. I think they are some of my favourites. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know and I will make them and stick a photo on.
Answers on a postcard...
Would you rather spend the rest of your life smelling of onions or have "Copacabana" playing directly into your brain forever more...??
(Lily Allen : Back To The Start)
Ahhh good morning loyal followers heheh.

This is where we went yesterday for lunch, I recommend it to everyone! The 50s Diner.
The staff are lovely. The prices are great and the setting is amazing.

La Famille:

Here is Ray delighted with his cupcakes...

Today James has made me a fab soup, and we have been sat number crunching figuring out prices and what to do with the cupcakes to try and get them out there.

They really are super yummy. And I think more people need to know this!

Its monday. One more sleep one more sleep!!!

It's been a well nice day....

Awwww Grandpa loved the cakes... His eyes filled up. So sweet. Will post some photos of where we went today at some point, it was REALLY cool but I'm sleepy. More baking tomorrow. With my friend James. (He makes a crackin lemon drizzle cake...AND a crackin brownie...) Last day off before back to work. Ooooh what to do what to do... Carrot Cakes for Young John perhaps?

The Beardfaces won at sunday night football today. I love my team.

Night... x

Sunday, 16 August 2009

It's 12.58am.....

....And the internet is being an ASSHOLE.

I thought I would take a couple of little pictures as I went along tonight...hahaha. I was a bit bored. Not as bored as you will be if you ever come to take time to read this...

Yeah, so. This is my workspace. Small. But cute. I'm addicted to Frijj right now. Its the only thing that keeps me going throughout this soup challenge. I frickin love chocolate... And then I pottered about baking and what and this is what came out of the oven...

Then I pottered a bit more and iced and so on and this is what happened. A bit lame to be honest but its late and the colours dont go too well I needed a darker green for the writing but I didnt have one. I thought about scrapping green and blue but they are the colours he likes so no.

OOOH! And just so you know these little babies are simple vanilla sponge cupcake with vanilla buttercream BUT inside they are packed with Nutella. OH YEAH. Just to give the old boy a little treat. Gramps has got a sweet tooth! (That's not even a lie. He only has ONE tooth. Hahahah. Funniest thing you'll see, yet also the grossest. I'll try and snap him munching the cake. It's not funny to laugh at old people. Or is it?)

Oh I'd like to say I am sleepy. But my head is just full of thoughts. Meh.

(Endless Love : Diana Ross & Lionel "All Night Long" Ritchie)

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Evening. I think late night baking is my favourite. I have been thinking whilst baking. I have been thinking that I like baking to music. I also like baking to series' of Frasier. I think I love the fact I have a stereo in my kitchen. I also love the fact I have a TV and DVD player in my kitchen. AND I love my big ass kitchen table. I think I would be lost without it. I would like a kenwood mixer. That would finish everything off nicely. I am broke. PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY!!

I did go to the boys for that stupid game. Went to the shop to look at the wine. Just the thought of it made me want to do a little sick so I decided to stick with Passionfruit Rubicon. So I just watched them play the lame game and got slightly bored. Then the boy was showing me all sorts of foreign football shirts online. Which was kind of like fashion so I was a little less bored so that was very nice of him. Just for your reference South Africas shirt is a disgrace. Ugliest thing I ever did see.

Er, can't remember who has the nicest. Soz. hahah.

Boy is away til Tuesday, so also ended up offering my services to take him to Notts. Maybe I should be Bitsys Taxis instead. I didnt mind. I like driving with him. Its always sunny when I drive with him. Wish Tuesday would come quicker.

Will post photo of cakes when I am done....again....

(McFly : Falling in Love)
Morningggg. Well I feel a bit rotten. Thank you alcohol!!! Last night was nice, different, but cool. Some bloke said I looked like "the one off Hollyoakes that Tony married but shouldnt have" turns out he was talking about the bird that was also on 2 point 4 children. I didnt know if that was a good thing, but he said she was hot. I was like. "Oh Ta." hahaha.
The cakes went down very well with the girls and one of them also said she is interested in me doing some wedding cupcakes for her! Awesome.

Am supposed to be baking this morning. Grandpas 80th Birthday next week, but dinner with him tomorrow, but I have said I will go play Home & Away (a laborious and crap football scores drinking game) with the boy this avo. So being as I am hungover and lame I am out of bed late. I'll have to get up extra early tomorrow. Thats never gonna happen ahahaha. Have a fantastico dayyyy.. xx

(Lady Ga Ga : Eh Eh (Nothing else I can Say) )

Friday, 14 August 2009

Alreeeeeet. So these are the finished article. Thing is. They look like wayyyyy better in real life because I am not a photographer. In fact I just snap them on my phone and thats it. Shit really ahaha. Also...what you can't see is that the sponge is rainbow-ey too. I would have ate one so I could have cut it up and took pictures of the inside and stuff but I'm doing the soup challenge with the boy all August... So cake is out. I wouldnt have the restraint to just cut it up and then chuck it so I didn't bother. Mehhhh. Just so you know....its depressing.

(Neil Young: After The Gold Rush)

Ahhh it's Friday afternoon, I have the day off from work, I'm listening to McFly and I am baking for my friend Tara. It was her birthday the other day and tonight we are off out to partake in wine and dancing. So I thought I would bake her some fantastico rainbow cupcakes to make her happy and to impress her friends that I havent met before hahaha. I will try and learn how to upload a photo when I'm done so that you can see.

Ooooh you do realise that my blog will be rather rubbish. My head is full of rubbish. Hahaha.

If you had to choose.... Would you rather.... Everything you ate from now on tasted of tuna or that you had your hand stuck in a jam jar forever more?

(McFly: Corrupted)