Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I have...

The worst Cough.

SO EXCITED for the end of this week!

Hanging out with the boy Thursday after work. Going to get him a new bed as he's a grown up and has actually brought a house! Then going cash and carry to buy regular things just massive versions hahaha.

Thennnnn LOST FINAL!! Double episode. Pizza. Beers. Last sleepover in the old house.

Thennnnn Friday... Off boy goes to see his friend in Sheffield and I get to see my girls! MY SEX AND THE CITY GIRLS!!! So excited to see this film. I remember two years ago like it was yesterday thinking. May. May 2010. I cannot wait. And here it is!!!

This is another thing I have managed to completely avoid. I haven't seen the trailer. I haven't seen anything to do with it. I haven't read any stories on it. Nothing. I know nothing about this film. I am saving it alllll up for Friday. 2 years of saving! And the time is finally here!

Dinner and drinks with the girls and then whoomph there it isssss.

And then Pictos parents are down to help him move because he is moving in with the boy so that'll be nice. Then the boy is back Sunday to move his stuff. Last minute as always... and I actually love that... And its bank holiday Monday! YAYAYAYAYA.

SO that's all I have to say.

No Facebook Makes Bitsy A Dull Girl.
No Twitter Makes Bitsy A Dull Girl.
No Telly Makes Bitsy A Dull Girl.
No Magazines Make Bitsy A Dull Girl.


  1. I saw the movie on Monday and it's amazing--you're gonna love it!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time with your girlfriends!

    And thanks for the convincing Lost argument:) My hubby and I are going to start it from the beginning this summer!

  3. Fun blog! Sorry about your cough. :/

    Looking forward to following your cute little blog here. :)

  4. you should try lemon zinger tea! its great for coughs.

    hope you feel better soon!