Sunday, 23 May 2010

Glorious Weekend...

This weekend was glorious! Except the fact I am still falling apart - healthwise haha.

England is soooo weird. How does it go from two saturdays ago being wet and icy and windy and soooo depressing to this weekend sunbathing at 7pm at night! So weird! To be fair. I am a bit burnt!

Basically this weekend was nice because it was beautiful weather. Ginger Dave was commuting from Colchester to see the boys, my Irish Mancunian was coming down and also Army Tom was back from Afghan so he was coming from Londres. So it was awesome. Kam and Darran were holding a BBQ friday night so that was lovely. Late night but lovely.

Then saturday came and we all decided to go to the park to play cricket.

Vote Shaun Dyer for Pirate Party! hahahaaha *

We took a wee picnic and loads of beers in cool box and went and killed it. Me and Sav didnt play this time. We have retired from cricket so we played travel scrabble, gossiped, played uno, watched the boys, sunbathed, ate cookies... that kind of thing.

Stayed there til like 8, still piping hot, got a bit of sunburn, headed home for a shower then met the boys in the pub for the Champions League final. Last two C.L finals I have watched have had English teams in so it was weird to watch it and there not be. Not as exciting for me but the boys will watch literally ANY football!

Then we moved on to Fubar and we stayed there all night. At first we were all a bit done from our day in the sun but then the Jager Bombs came out and we fucked about with You Tube. Nothing better than having your mom shut the bar at closing time and leaving you in there. Old 90s summer music on the You Tube... think Big Mountain, Charles & Eddie, Aswad, Inner Circle, Peter Andre... Oh and she's like the wind from the legend that is Patrick Swayze.

Ginger dave is getting married in September and he is having She's like the wind as his first dance. Thats amazing cuz its not even a joke!

Oh and all the cool songs from the Rocky soundtrack and Karate Kid sound track.


So yeah, picture it... Me and these boys...

Drinking and dancing like we were 15 in our own little club.


Then went back to the boy's house where he fed me Jim Beam and we watched Road trip and had a cuddle then I went home at 6am. You know when you have no stuff and its all hot and meehhh and you really want your own bed... Yeah so that was me 6am Sunday morning bright sunlight... Walk. Of. Shame.

Morning dog walkers, morning!

Had a bit of toast... Went to bed.

Sunday My Irish Mancunian and Army Tom came and plucked me from my pit, where I now had lost my voice completely, still cold sored up to buggery and had now developed a little ulcer right in the corner of my mouth so it hurts to eat, talk, move, anything. CRAP.

See, thats why I am falling apart.

ANYWAY, those lovely boys came and got me and we went to go look at my mothers new pub... its in the process of being done out. I hope its gonna be cool, then we went into town to shop for sunglasses. And it was ROASTING out. Then the lovely I.M brought me lunch at Handmade Burger. Pesto mozzerella and chicken. YUM. Then back to the boys to get him to go watch football. Then Lost. Penultimate Episode.

OHHHH. I cannot wait for the final. Its on at 5am this morning they time it is being aired in US. BUT we are saving it for Thursday. I am gonna have to shelter myself from the world until then. If someone spills the beans I will literally beat them with a baking tray.

I am sunburnt and my bedroom is hot. I am uncomfortable. My cough is still there and I cannot talk. My mouth hurts. I look like a crack whore with this coldsore and I am still fat like a hippo.

BUT on the upside... I had one of the best weekends with my boys and girls. . . Put a couple of pics in for good measure. Gotta break up the rambling hey!

I dont want to work when its hot! My bits like a bloody greenhouse!

Lots of cakes to make next week so expect some actual cupcakes all up in this cupcake blogggg.

Peaceeeee xxx

*This is what happens in England. A wee bit of sun comes out and all the men take their tops off and start acting like nobs hahahah.

Shaun. Put your nips away hahaha. Love you!

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  1. Hahaha! It looks like you had the best day ever!!!