Wednesday, 19 May 2010

CD Exchange of Awesome-ness

Remember a while I ago I participated in a CD swap with a lovely lass called Claire well... I got my stuff from her! It has been a while and its my own laziness that I have reported this late! Sorry Claire!

Here's what I received.

A cool looking envelope on my dining room floor when I got back from work! Sure made a cool change to bill this, bill that!!

A really cute little card with a wee note in about how cool it was to be part of the exchange

And then the two CDs came in this super cool little booklet thing that Claire had made!

I was totally overwhelmed by the packaging alone! It was sooooo cool! I felt a bit bad that mine was a bit second rate! But at least I know for next time what I need to aim for! Never under estimate how crafty/arty/talented/thoughtful people are!!

I did take a picture of the CDs I dont know why. I think it was because I had one of them in the stereo in the kitchen and the other one in the stereo in my bedroom.

They are crammed with the most awesome songs. And although some stuff I may well have not picked myself I love it all which has opened my eyes to a lot of things and some stuff, well! I was amazed because it was totally stuff I would like!

Thanks so much Claire! When I get some time I might even send you some other stuff just because its nice to have a little bit of a penpal hey!!

If anyone knows of any more of these snazzy little exchange things please tell me because it was the first one i did and I really really enjoyed it! It really made my day to receive such lovely things!

Again, Claire, thank you so much!! xxx


  1. So sweet! I loved yours as well, and you have to be kidding if you think yours was second rate--people were very impressed with your drawings and colors. :) I keep listening to the Shontelle song "T-Shirt" over and over again--love that one! Would love to send more back & forth . . . I'll get to work on that! xoxo

  2. I love that song! Its a bit cheesey but I love all the sappiness! xx