Saturday, 1 May 2010

2 Lovely Things In.My.Home...

SO, thought I would play this game again... I haven't done in a while... have linked up on Kass's blog. Cuz she's cool.

2 things I love around my home... Hmmm. I had a think and I was in the kitchen at the time and I thought. Feck! I love most things... Right... What's nice or meaningful or something and close to snap...

So I found this...

I bought this when I lived with Lar and Zod. It signified everything about how we felt about living in Dulverton Palace and it still holds true now. I never thought I would be as happy as I am living with either Lar & Zod or just Lar. So its nice. And its a really cute thing.

And I absolutely LOVE this...

My Hello Kitty toaster. I love it because I love Hello Kitty, like loads, and I also love it because the boy got it for me and it shows that he knows the kind of shit I like and I thought it was really sweet and thoughtful and I really didn't expect it.
There you go. Enjoy.

ps. you should buy a Hello Kitty toaster because when it toasts it toasts Hello Kitty into the bread.
Which is awesome.

Oh... On the subject of toast. I had toast for breakfast. Oh toast. Loveeeee you.


  1. Oh my gosh, I need that toaster ASAP!

  2. thanks for playing along!!

  3. The Hello Kitty toaster is hilarious! Have you received my cds yet?? :)

  4. OMG a hello kitty toaster! WOW!!! how fun!


  5. Hello, Bitsy! Just passing by to thank you for following my quote blog :)
    By the way, the Hello Kitty toasting thingy is really cute! Have a lovely day!

  6. hehe!
    i love the hello kitty toaster.
    it reminded me of the other day when my mister came back from a week away at work and brought me back a bunch of hotel 'freebies' (mini shampoos and sewing kits) as he knows how much those things excite me!

  7. OMG, where do I purchase this toaster?!?!?!? my daughter would DIE!

  8. I want that toaster haha :) amazing.