Wednesday, 19 May 2010

It's late in the night...

And I can't sleep.


Thought maybe I should take this chance to blog about whats gone on in the past couple of weeks. Nothing major really. Mostly work. But a few bits. I hope I don't bore you. I really don't have the energy to write but I feel bad for not writing. It's so weird how this blogging thing gets a hold on you hey.

First of all I will report that right now I feel disgusting. Basically I am ill from work and I have just been stressing about my backlog and blah blah because it is my busiest time. I went in this morning because I physically couldn't stand it and I think it was making me feel worse and it didn't seem like I had that much to do and I managed to delegate some stuff to my friend Alicia who is temping to help out the other girls and they didn't have much for her to do. I felt bad for dumping stuff on her but it kinda lifted the pressure on me a wee bit. And I have a sore throat. Sunday and Monday I had chills. Today oh look! A cold sore. On my lip. Basically, that was the final straw. I burst into tears and that was the end of me for the day. I went home. The bus from work fucked me over. I ended up having to walk for ages to get home because I got dropped by the train station. I am skint. So managed to scab £5 off my brother and went to the shop. Brought junk food and ate it ALL. And I feel like a dirty tramp. If my throat wasn't killing like it is, and I hadn't have had a bad experience with trying to make myself sick when I thought I had eaten a wrong frozen meal, I would have tried to have thrown it all up. That's how disgusting I feel. I feel like a big fat ugly blob of doom. And I text the boy to say I was sobbing on a bus and I needed cheering and he didn't text me for like 4 hours and then when he did said he wasn't going to cheer because he had been in interviews all afternoon so wasn't in the mood. Thanks. Sometimes I do wonder what on earth I expect.

Last weekend was the boys Sunday night football team award evening. Which was just a silly little get together that involved drinking cake and silly awards. The boys always do these awards at the end of each season which only lasts about 1 month (haha) then they get together and have dinner and then meet us girls out for drinks and they give out awards to each other. But this time Kam, Sav & I decided that we would do our own set of silly awards and we made rosettes for each winner. It was a lot of fun, even when halfway through making the rosettes we wanted to give up because they were taking so long, but the look on the boy's faces was worth it. And we were proud of the end product!

They were them. We ended up making ten of them...phewwww. Took LONGGGG.

It was a lovely evening and we ended up staying in mums bar til late and when it was just the Boy, Darran, Nuj, Kam & I the boys had one of their "wrestling matches" the kind they used to have back in the day when we always stayed out late in the bar when I worked there, the kind that have me and Kam in stitches of laughter and it was so much fun. Then we went home.

Saturday Laura's birthday in John and Sav's garden. The weather was nice which was a change and it was nice to mingle around drink appletinis and eat pringles. Then we went inside when it got cooler and watches silly things on you tube featuring Brian Blessed. Who the boys LOVE. He makes anything funny just with his laugh!

Watch this episode of Henry 8.0 its only mini.

Then I went home with the boy and had a sleepover which was nice. Went to sleep laaaate. And was woken up by my friend Mark calling to remind me he was coming to get me so we could take Brodie out for the afternoon! What?! Oh no. I am hungover and tired. OK fine. Went to the countryside and looked at a model village. We were going to go to Wistow Maze but we fucked up a bit because it hadn't even grown yet and wasn't open until the end of July haha. So we took her to the pub for some lunch. I wasn't eating and decided to go meet Kam Darran & the Boy for a roast at the Old Horse and I thought I would walk there and in my hungover tired state I thought i was only 15 mins away as it was a straight road from where I was. Shame I didn't click on how long it was. I reckon if Darran hadn't have been so kind as to have rescued me I would have been walking for a good hour maybe 2. And my converse shoe had started to rub on my heel.


Watched the cricket later on. England beat Australia to win the 20/20 World Cup. So that was pretty awesome. Then went to the football with the boy and they lost. Boo. Then came home to watch lost. I watched last weeks and this weeks. I cried when I watched last weeks. I actually sobbed. I guess we are probably behind a wee bit on America but it was the one where the gang get on the sub. Well if you watch it you know how it ends. I felt utterly sad and depressed. So the boy made me beef and mushroom noodles and I remembered why I think hes awesome. Still feeling ill at this point wearing a jumper a jacket and a scarf in the house drinking tea.

And then couldn't speak when I woke up on Monday. So that's that. I can't remember any further back than that? I don't think anything of interest happened?

Oh. Lar is back from the states. She brought me back Victoria's Secrets pants with a cupcake on, and some magnets from Hollywood and Vegas for my international fridge magnet collection.

If anyone would like to contribute to my international fridge magnet collection, feel free.

If anyone lives in the USA and would like to purchase THESE BEAUTIES and send them to me because they only ship to the USA. Gab has a picture of her in them and I cannot believe she didn't buy them!! I collect sunnies and these are frickin fab! Even if you don't want to send them to me out of the goodness of your heart... Just go look and do yourself a favour and purchase them for yourself and spread some happiness about your city!

Might leave this post here and maybe start a new one with some cakes on it...

Just so you know. An advertisement just came on the TV for the penultimate episode of Lost on Friday. It was all dramatic. I truly and honestly do not know what I will do when it ends. What will happen to Sundays? (we record it save it and all get together Sunday after the football and watch it) We will have to life in normal society again. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo.

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