Monday, 7 June 2010


Yep that's me. Sorry.

I'm down and would rather not discuss it and bring all of yous down so as usual I will keep it to myself.

Someone please buy some cupcakes. I am so poor. I mean so poor I raided my piggy bank and bought a can of diet coke with my last 50p made up of 5p's. All that's left is coppers now. And not even much of that.

I am offering WORLD CUP cupcakes now. 6 for £10. Choose your cupcake and then I will ice the flags of any country you want on top. You know it makes sense...

If you don't buy them you know all I am gonna do is sit at home and cry. My head hurts from all the crying. It'll be all your fault if my head explodes. You hear?!

I am the girl that eats her feelings.

I am a fat mess.

Goodnight. x

Kirstie Lois Holmes
10th Dec 1982 - 6th June 2008

"I thought if I was very quiet, I would hear you. If I was still enough, you might come back"


  1. Your dear friend looks like she was tons of fun!! My thoughts are with you ! x

  2. Aye, she was... The legend lives on :) Thanks hun xx

  3. So sorry to hear of your loss. I hope some cupcakery might cheer you up!