Friday, 18 June 2010

You want to be my INSPIRATION??


Long time no post! I have had little if anything to tell you! So this will be the most boring post in the world.

Email Me!
If you have something you feel you would like to say through the means of my blog do email me and I will paste you in if I feel what you have to say is worthy of my blog.

Bits of advice. Fun things. Nice photos. Nuts videos. (not videos about nuts... edible or genital... but you know"insane") haha.

Trust me I dont think I want to see a nuts video if it is either edible or genital. But feel free to try and convince me.

Life is boring right now. Work is boring.

Please work, are you listening? Will you send me away? I need to get out of here! I am at my wits end! x

My parents are opening a new venue in Leicester City Centre. A music venue. If you are in or around the area and have a band or know a band or you just want to come in? We open on Saturday 3rd July.

Southampton Street, Leicester

We will serve lunch 11-3. We will be the place to be. FACE FACTS.

I'll put a poster up soon. I dont have one on the work computer. Boo.

I have a week and a day holiday starting from next friday. As I am making lots of beautiful cupcakes for a wedding on Friday. Then the following week I am sorting out the Soundhouse making sure it is ready.

No rest for the wicked! xx


  1. What kind of music are they looking for?

    I know plenty of people in bands looking for gigs (all from the Chorley/Preston area in Lancs)!


  2. Oooh hey... Anything doll! If you know anyone thats interested in playing in Leicester get them to email hes the band booker. We got a fair few different acts interested. Punk, metal, acoustic, indie, anything I think. Always worth an email xx