Friday, 11 June 2010


... Two and A Half Men.

I hate it.

I hate how cheesy and rubbish it is. And I hate it because I hate how Jon Cryer went from...

Oh so cool Duckie Dale in one of my favourite films....

To the complete loser that is Alan in Two and a Half Men.

Uh. And whats with the theme tune. Is it him and Charlie Sheen and that fat little boy singing the words "Men Men Men Men Manly Men Woo Hooooo" over and over?


Just thought I would say.

I'm happy today. Made a bunch of cakes last night. Photos to come... And then the boy invited me over for dinner and we curled up and watched a film and had a sleepover. First night of lovely undisturbed sleep in a while.

Happy Char.

Oh. Also wanna say big fat HIGH FIVE to Tuesday Kid cuz he got a job and all that. Yay, now go get yo' self some pink wine and get yourself down by the Lagan, lazy days are over my friend, make the most.



  1. Thanks for the congrats. I had a bottle in the bath this morning. I think I drank it too fast. It came back up very quickly.

    It's a drink that needs to be taken time over methinks.

    Ps. I hate two and a half men too. More for Charlie Sheen than Duckie.

  2. Least you were in the bath... you know... for ease of cleaning...