Tuesday, 3 August 2010

This Weekend...

Was lovely...

From Thursday onwards...

Thursday I had half day so went to meet the boy for lunch. Nandos... And this time I had quarter chicken with mashed potato and macho peas (which, for those that don't know, are peas mixed with some mashed up peas with like chili and stuff all up in there... they do have quite a kick... but are LUSH)

Then we went shopping for birthday fancy dress outfits and birthday prezzies as it was Picto and Darrans birthday. I got tired of shopping before he did and begged to go to the pub... I think he was secretly uber glad...

Went to the pub, met Picto and John had some laughs and then walked back to the boys house where he tried on his outfit... Fancy dress for Pictos birthday was computer game characters... he was Guybrush Threepwood from Monkey Island and he looked HOT. I don't know what it was about that costume... but I was smitten hahah.

Then randomly went to Nottingham where the boys all played football.

Friday Darrans birthday. Was cool because we all went to his and his Xbox is now fixed! YAY!! So we played rockband and some tony hawks skate game where you actually stand on a skateboard... I felt like a dick because I have no balance but I did better than a dead cow. Which is something to be proud of surely? But then again, I have never seen a dead cow play tony hawks skate game haha.

Gave him a tonne of boardgames for his birthday. All from charity shops like but awesome. The boy also got him the neighbours boardgame which we found. Darran had apparently played this before when he was a kid and was already a fan so that was good.

Then Saturday came and I was hungover and still had to make a costume to make me look like a convincing Chun-Li from Streetfighter. I was in no way in the mood. I went to the boys house to get ready in the afternoon and just sat down and cried, partly because I was hungover and pathetic partly because in my rush to bring all my things over I forgot the essential safety pins I was gonna pin my costume together with because I couldn't be arsed to sew it.

The boy was mostly awesome and amazing and gave me lots of cuddles. Disappeared and brought me up diet coke and chocolate biscuits and I thought nothing could get better... Then he put his costume on and that was that.

The evening was fun. Apparently people knew who I was. Some lad came over to me in Mosh and said...
Him: Are you dressed as Chun-Li?
Me: Yes
Him: Let me see your thighs.
Me: *shocked face*

This boy looked about 15. I am 27. Really. Hahaha. Secretly thought it was a bit cool. hahah.

Lar dressed as a lemming. She looked so cool with green hair it was so funny.

Then went home, put candles on and cuddled the boy loads... candles and drunk people shouldn't be allowed haha.

Sunday was lazy. I felt like shit and just chilled on the boys sofa til late.

But then I went home.

I said to Lar... I felt like I had been on holiday, it was that nice a weekend with the boy, and that I dreaded Monday because everything would go back to normal. I wouldn't see him. He wouldn't text. And if he did he would be cold and mean. I hoped hoped hoped that wouldn't happen. In the bottom of my heart I always have hope that he will continue to be the awesome person I know he is... but he didn't.

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