Monday, 23 August 2010

Day 3 ... late...

Evening Readers,
So its the day where I show a photo of me and my friends... Well it is so hard to choose just one especially as I have so many good friends all of which come and go in different groups and stuff so I saw other people putting a few pics up and I felt like that gave me a green light to do the same!

I hope you likey like... It was really lovely to look through a load of old pics... good for the soul.

I look different in all the pictures hahah. Youll never guess who I am haaa xxx

Top to Bottom...L-R:
Me & Em: Boy, Me, Kam & Darran: Kam & Me: Me & Boy: Irish Mancunian, Picto & Me:
Us Girls: Reuben, Cary, Katy & Me: Homemade boardgames shenanigans:
Alan, Sinead, Laura, Picto, Boy & Me: Girls, Matthew Bateman & Mike Cider:
Lar, Boy, Me & Picto: Zoddy, Katy, Lar & Me: Zoddy, Katy, Lauren, Lar, Briar, Me, Preya & Shivi:
Me & James: Me & Spark.

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