Friday, 20 August 2010

Day 1...

Ok... 15 interesting facts...

1. I am so embarrassed to have uploaded that photo... I am terribly self conscious and hate my teeth.

2. I used to own a horse. (oh these arent interesting at all are they)

3. My dad was a roadie with bands... He was offered a 12 month tour with AC/DC but my mom said if he went he may as well not come back... (thats not even about me...)

4. I would give anything to be able to speak french fluently... any language... the fact that it takes time is not good enough for me.

5. I used to sing and play bass in a band.

6. I have a secret love for "urban" music.

7. I cannot for the life of me walk in heels yet I have about 50 pairs. I sometimes buy them because they are pretty and would look good on display...shhhhh!

8. I am a pretty independent person but when I am hungover I get all cuddly and like to be with someone I can cosy up with.

9. Im a winter baby and love nothing more than snow, frosts, open fires, christmas that kind of thing.

10. I love movies I have about 600 DVDs but I rarely watch one all the way through if I am by myself. Mostly I nod off.

12. I can whip up pretty nifty fancy dress costumes... of late I have been... A lion, Cheetara from Thundercats, The black Smoke from Lost and Chun-Li from Streetfighter.

13. My hair is naturally GINGER. Pretty curly. And massive. You should see the Lion dress up pictures. I backcombed it into an afro to make a mane.

14. I love Andrew McCarthy (of St Elmos Fire/Pretty in Pink fame) and would have married him had he of not aged.

15. I fed a hedgehog cheese once.
Well there you go... enlightened? Didnt think so...

I did a thing like this on Facebook once... I think it was slightly more interesting... I gave it a bit more thought... Maybe I should have pasted it in... Oh well.

Thanks for your ears. x


  1. It does interest me that you owned a horse, played in a band, and fed a hedgehog cheese. I hope to do all of those things. I'm thinking we might own a hedgehog soon. :)
    Also I love winter too!

  2. im with you on 7!! and omg i love this pretty in pink photo on your blog- i lovelovelove that movie!
    so glad your doing this challenge too! cant wait to see the other days too!