Friday, 27 August 2010

Day 7... Laaaate

Someone Who Has The Biggest Impact On You

Dear God, I hope he never reads this blog...
**dies of shame**

Yeah, that boy.

Which, is probably terrible, and wrong, and all things unjust.

But I am sorry to say that that is just the way it is.

This guy is my friend, my best friend, and I love him a bit.

But at the same time I hate him. Because I like him too much. Too much than is necessary.

I hate that his mood influences my mood.

I hate that all it takes is one nice thing... an action...a word... a look...and I am on cloud nine.

I hate that all it takes is one mean thing... an action... a word... a look... and I am lower than low.

I hate that everything I do is for him.

I hate that I would run to him whenever he asked.

I hate that I feel this way for him.

I hate that he cant handle it.

I hate it that when its just the two of us he relaxes and its lovely.

I hate that he panics and closes up like an old dusty book.

I hate that he can be stubborn.

I hate that if we argue he acts like he doesn't care and he can play that for as long as he likes.

I hate that even if we argue I cant be mad at him.

I hate that I want him in my life forever.

I hate that I cant let go.

I hate that even when I feel strong and try to pull away from him he can get me back with just a click of his fingers.

Generally. I love him.

And I just wish everything was easy.

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  1. this made me a little sad, but he seems like a great guy!