Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Would you rather...

...sit on fire for 5 seconds or eat 50 flies.

Monday, 28 September 2009

The Mighty Thor...

Oh yeah...

I brought some new sprinkles and glitter. I got carried away on t'interweb.

I spent £60. Lets go mad shall we.


Even though its a right pain in the ass and gets everywhere. My kitchen is well glittery. Although I have to admit it... I do like that fact.

Men in kilts... Right or wrong? Gabby loves men in kilts. Although she also loves CK1, Simon Cowell, Jeff Stelling and Mr Joannu. OLD MEN WITH GREY BITS HONK HER HORN.

Love you gabby xxxx

Same Friday - Different Cakes...

Charity cakes for a Macmillan Cancer Support coffee morning

Guinness choc cakes with white icing and cute glittery hearts and flowers...

Vanilla cupcakes with gooey choc centre... funky icing and pretty sprinkles...

All for a good cause...

I have powerhoused at the gym tonight. My feet are chilly and I want to go get some well earned kip so I will...

goodnight cake loverrrrrs. xxx

Hardcore baking....

The other night was Friday and instead of my usual "hardcore" drinking (really not that hardcore...1 wine and I'm chattering like i dont know what) I replaced it with hardcore baking.

Til 3am. GETTING STRESSED. I was supposed to be making test cakes for the nice people who have asked me to bake their wedding cupcakes. Now they wanted Burgundys and whites and silvers and glitters. WELL. making burgundy butter icing is the most arsehole thing to do in the world plus it was about 11pm and I couldnt make out whether it was the light being funny on my eyes or it just looked shit. Was it burgundy? Was it brown? I was only making six for them and it was starting to take over my life. It was all I had been thinking about for a whole week pretty much! What to do with them? Will they look good? Will they taste good? Will they like them...blah blah!

Well this is them...The colours are wrong. They didnt look that brown in the day... but still not burgundy as I would have liked. At the time when it was getting closer to 1am I thought I was going to smash all the cakes in. The red was just an example of some shimmery edible paint I had. It looks really garish in comparison with the others but oh well like I say they were just examples to be getting on with... They were glittery and swish and the insides were 2 guinness choc and three vanilla with gooey choc centre. Mmm mmm mmmmmm.

Friday, 25 September 2009

I'm not sure...

Danielles cupcake is still on her desk.


It still looks awesome. But she could kill someone with it. Its hard as rock.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The curry people...

...sent me the wrong thing.

I was depressed.

Nothing worse than being excited and then being LET DOWN.

Cheers Spicy Flames. Won't be using you again.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

ooooooooooooo get me....

I have two new orders in the pipeline... one little girls birthday... one wedding (eek!)... one small... one big... but both equally as special.

wow. a bit scary. but oh so cool.

Alan Partridge night and takeaway curry (I've never had one) tonight with the boy. Good times.

"I've a little money and a take away curry. I'm on the way home to my wife."

The Jam - Down in the Tube Station at midnight.

my favourite.


Monday, 21 September 2009

Charity bake sale UPDATE

Just got word from Anna that her bake sale landed her 150 squid. Which is fab. So combined with her housemate Penny's total from her bake sale. That makes £250!

Which just goes to prove... Pretty much everybody loves CAKE.

Bitsy Argued...

...with the boy. Last thing at night. Couldnt sleep. In a mood. Feel like mong.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

More baking, Welsh mountains & Wall climbing

So... went to Wales with the boy and it was a really nice day. Lovely seeing Jemma, Alex and the girls.

I made them some lovely cakes I made six one for Alex one for each of the three girls one for Jem and one for the baby inside of Jem. hahah.
They look nice. And apparently tasted fab. So thats all that matters.

Wales was pretty and the weather matched. Like I say... its always sunny when I drive with the boy...

The view from Jemmas front door...

Very welsh though.

Came home. Was all tired but went out and had a nice drink and fun with my friends.

Then on the saturday a civilised dinner at a Greek restaurant with the girls. Which ended up with me scaling walls and trying to get in gardens all for that all important photo opportunity.

It doesnt look very high. It was. I'm only short.

journey to the centre of the cake...


Friday, 18 September 2009

charity bake sale

Its been a little bit of a while since I have baked properly and blitzed it late into the favourite... but last night I did. Anna at work was holding a charity bake sale for the Matt Hampson Trust & Special Effects charity...

I said I would donate some cakes as its nice thing to do and I wanted to bake so this was a perfect reason to do so...

First few cakes I did I made the rainbow cakes again this time adding a few cheeky M&Ms to the icing...

Ta daaa. Pretty. Little bit trippy. But awesome.

Next up!

Pretty girly cakes. With hand made roses on the top. Dipped in coloured sugars. With a dark chocolate ganache middle...yummy.

Check the roses out...pre sugar dip...Then the finished product...

And then last but not least...after sitting and concentrating on several roses I was pretty cream crackered since I did powerhouse at the gym and messed about and I hadnt eaten and it was about midnight... I made some cute little cakes that were vanilla sponge with a strawberry jam middle... Bonne Maman jam, I dont use crap, hahah.

And I decorated these as little beaches... hahahaha. I used blue butter icing for the sea with hints of white running through it for the white horses - frothy stuff on the waves - please say everyone calls them that... it might be another thing my nan has told me thats not true. (I didnt realise seahorses were real until Savvo said they had them at some garden centre/aquarium... Nana said they werent real when we used to watch Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Good one Nana!) and then yellow butter icing for the sand and then dipped in crushed digestive biccies. It really looks like sand!! I made a little towel out of rice paper and a little newspaper/book from icing. I was gonna make a little person to lay out on the towel but there was absolutely no way I could do that it was approaching 2am by this time!

SOOOOO the little things look like this.

I also baked tonight as I am going to Wales with the boy tomorrow and we are gonna see my friend Jemma who is big and pregnant so we're taking her a nice book and some yummy cakes. Its something to do.

I wanted to be in bed waaaaaay before now as I have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow morning. Sleepy sleepy byeeeee.

Will blog the rest another day, be happy with what you got. Don't take it for granted. NIGHT xx

Monday, 14 September 2009

Sincere apologiessss

I apologise to anyone that comes here to look at my cakes.

I suggest you ignore the terrible ramblings haha.

I promise a website just for cakes will be coming. Shaun is making it for me but he is learning so it might take a whileeeeeee..


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Bits and Bobs

I was wandering through old posts and I had a look at the list of wants I made a while ago and thought I would see what I could cross off of it...

Have managed to cross off...

Box of paste colours.
Proper food.
The boy to come back.
New dress.


Remember how we had the soup challenge... well.... it finished. At midnight on 31st August me and the boy ordered pizza and ate it. hahah. This was the pizza. We were so excited...

Then on the 1st September we took holiday from work... Went to town. Had a little burger in BK. Went to Nandos had a little bit of spicey chicken. Bought a lovely apple. Walked to KFC bought KFC gravy and then on the walk back bought some chip shop chips and had chip shop chips and gravy. Yummy. We watched Dave Gorman til it was late and we were sleepy.

The best day.

So, as I mentioned last blog I had an order of cupcakes for the lovely Mrs V and I said I would wait and upload the photo gumph and then put the picture up...well...

Ta daaaa. The oreo goodness. You want these. And I don't blame you.

I was going to make cakes tonight for Sarahs leaving do at work, we're going for lunch... but she is actually leaving on friday so I think i will bake tomorrow.

I am now sat at Johns blogging because the football is on and I think England games are the most boring football games I have ever seen in my entire life.

I kind of wish I had stayed in and baked but I watched a documentary today ( as I had the day off) on 9/11 called 102 minutes or something. Now, I have watched all the docs going on 9/11 as I am weirdly fascinated by it, but this one was different, it was footage that has never been seen before and there was some traumatic shit on there. ANYWAY the reason I didnt stay in was because noone else was in and I did feel a bit traumatised so wanted to be around people. So here I am.

Today was nice, met the boy on his lunchbreak and went and had a nice lunch. Then went and bought my paste colours and had a wander, then had a wander back home. And it was soooo sunny and hot. And I did laundry and hung it out in the garden. And tidied my room. And danced about. di di di did ididi.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Baby joy....

So yesterday afternoon at work I was busily sitting drawing a comic... busily...hahaha.... when I received a call from a nice lady in Menswear asking if i would like to do an order of cakes for the next day! Woo. First bit of business in the outside world!

I totally will post a picture of them when i manage to get the damn photo onto this computer of doom!!

They were cookies and cream made with many many many oreos. Covered in cookies and cream butter icing also made with many oreos all battered with a rolling pin and mixed in. And then pop a little noggin of oreo cookie on the top and ta da extra oreo fabulousness.

There were 24 of them. And they were to wow people at her kids nursery with I think. What an awesome marketing idea....

Buy my cakes. Pretend you made them. Show off.

Made cakes.

Had an argument with the boy.

Left the cakes to cool while I also left the house to cool.

Saw Kam. Chatted til I had no chat left.

Boy apologised. Said hes got me a present. Mmmm.

Happily iced cakes.


Dreams of cupcakes. boy. boy holding cupcake. cupcake holding boy.

My housemates sister has had a little baby girl. She's only a day old! Dulverton Palace is full of aunties now!! Well. 3.

Congratulations Anna baby cakes will be coming!!
I have not blogged for ages as I have been on a trip to Germany with work... I wanted to blog while I was out there as I have purchased a cute pink little netbook thing for that one and only purpose only to forget to sort out all my photo stuff on here therefore even though I took my leads so I could upload the inevitable photo opportunities onto here I could not as I hadnt thought to stick the software on. Good one. What a waste. Least I know for next time. I have managed to stick my actual camera photos on here but not the phone ones and that is the problem I had. Still havent bothered.Oh the laziness!!

So all in all I am writing to tell you I havent died. I have just been lazy. Whats worse?
The pretty garden at the hotel. I fell in love. Absolutely. Whole heartedly.