Monday, 28 September 2009

Hardcore baking....

The other night was Friday and instead of my usual "hardcore" drinking (really not that hardcore...1 wine and I'm chattering like i dont know what) I replaced it with hardcore baking.

Til 3am. GETTING STRESSED. I was supposed to be making test cakes for the nice people who have asked me to bake their wedding cupcakes. Now they wanted Burgundys and whites and silvers and glitters. WELL. making burgundy butter icing is the most arsehole thing to do in the world plus it was about 11pm and I couldnt make out whether it was the light being funny on my eyes or it just looked shit. Was it burgundy? Was it brown? I was only making six for them and it was starting to take over my life. It was all I had been thinking about for a whole week pretty much! What to do with them? Will they look good? Will they taste good? Will they like them...blah blah!

Well this is them...The colours are wrong. They didnt look that brown in the day... but still not burgundy as I would have liked. At the time when it was getting closer to 1am I thought I was going to smash all the cakes in. The red was just an example of some shimmery edible paint I had. It looks really garish in comparison with the others but oh well like I say they were just examples to be getting on with... They were glittery and swish and the insides were 2 guinness choc and three vanilla with gooey choc centre. Mmm mmm mmmmmm.

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