Friday, 18 September 2009

charity bake sale

Its been a little bit of a while since I have baked properly and blitzed it late into the favourite... but last night I did. Anna at work was holding a charity bake sale for the Matt Hampson Trust & Special Effects charity...

I said I would donate some cakes as its nice thing to do and I wanted to bake so this was a perfect reason to do so...

First few cakes I did I made the rainbow cakes again this time adding a few cheeky M&Ms to the icing...

Ta daaa. Pretty. Little bit trippy. But awesome.

Next up!

Pretty girly cakes. With hand made roses on the top. Dipped in coloured sugars. With a dark chocolate ganache middle...yummy.

Check the roses out...pre sugar dip...Then the finished product...

And then last but not least...after sitting and concentrating on several roses I was pretty cream crackered since I did powerhouse at the gym and messed about and I hadnt eaten and it was about midnight... I made some cute little cakes that were vanilla sponge with a strawberry jam middle... Bonne Maman jam, I dont use crap, hahah.

And I decorated these as little beaches... hahahaha. I used blue butter icing for the sea with hints of white running through it for the white horses - frothy stuff on the waves - please say everyone calls them that... it might be another thing my nan has told me thats not true. (I didnt realise seahorses were real until Savvo said they had them at some garden centre/aquarium... Nana said they werent real when we used to watch Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Good one Nana!) and then yellow butter icing for the sand and then dipped in crushed digestive biccies. It really looks like sand!! I made a little towel out of rice paper and a little newspaper/book from icing. I was gonna make a little person to lay out on the towel but there was absolutely no way I could do that it was approaching 2am by this time!

SOOOOO the little things look like this.

I also baked tonight as I am going to Wales with the boy tomorrow and we are gonna see my friend Jemma who is big and pregnant so we're taking her a nice book and some yummy cakes. Its something to do.

I wanted to be in bed waaaaaay before now as I have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow morning. Sleepy sleepy byeeeee.

Will blog the rest another day, be happy with what you got. Don't take it for granted. NIGHT xx

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