Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Bits and Bobs

I was wandering through old posts and I had a look at the list of wants I made a while ago and thought I would see what I could cross off of it...

Have managed to cross off...

Box of paste colours.
Proper food.
The boy to come back.
New dress.


Remember how we had the soup challenge... well.... it finished. At midnight on 31st August me and the boy ordered pizza and ate it. hahah. This was the pizza. We were so excited...

Then on the 1st September we took holiday from work... Went to town. Had a little burger in BK. Went to Nandos had a little bit of spicey chicken. Bought a lovely apple. Walked to KFC bought KFC gravy and then on the walk back bought some chip shop chips and had chip shop chips and gravy. Yummy. We watched Dave Gorman til it was late and we were sleepy.

The best day.

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