Sunday, 20 September 2009

More baking, Welsh mountains & Wall climbing

So... went to Wales with the boy and it was a really nice day. Lovely seeing Jemma, Alex and the girls.

I made them some lovely cakes I made six one for Alex one for each of the three girls one for Jem and one for the baby inside of Jem. hahah.
They look nice. And apparently tasted fab. So thats all that matters.

Wales was pretty and the weather matched. Like I say... its always sunny when I drive with the boy...

The view from Jemmas front door...

Very welsh though.

Came home. Was all tired but went out and had a nice drink and fun with my friends.

Then on the saturday a civilised dinner at a Greek restaurant with the girls. Which ended up with me scaling walls and trying to get in gardens all for that all important photo opportunity.

It doesnt look very high. It was. I'm only short.

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  1. hey there my little cupcake!!! was fab seeing you - really glad the sun came out to welcome you to the valleys!!! had my cake yesterday... OMG! so scrummy, i'm looking forward to baby's cake today, haha!! xjx