Thursday, 3 September 2009

Baby joy....

So yesterday afternoon at work I was busily sitting drawing a comic... busily...hahaha.... when I received a call from a nice lady in Menswear asking if i would like to do an order of cakes for the next day! Woo. First bit of business in the outside world!

I totally will post a picture of them when i manage to get the damn photo onto this computer of doom!!

They were cookies and cream made with many many many oreos. Covered in cookies and cream butter icing also made with many oreos all battered with a rolling pin and mixed in. And then pop a little noggin of oreo cookie on the top and ta da extra oreo fabulousness.

There were 24 of them. And they were to wow people at her kids nursery with I think. What an awesome marketing idea....

Buy my cakes. Pretend you made them. Show off.

Made cakes.

Had an argument with the boy.

Left the cakes to cool while I also left the house to cool.

Saw Kam. Chatted til I had no chat left.

Boy apologised. Said hes got me a present. Mmmm.

Happily iced cakes.


Dreams of cupcakes. boy. boy holding cupcake. cupcake holding boy.

My housemates sister has had a little baby girl. She's only a day old! Dulverton Palace is full of aunties now!! Well. 3.

Congratulations Anna baby cakes will be coming!!

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