Wednesday, 9 September 2009

So, as I mentioned last blog I had an order of cupcakes for the lovely Mrs V and I said I would wait and upload the photo gumph and then put the picture up...well...

Ta daaaa. The oreo goodness. You want these. And I don't blame you.

I was going to make cakes tonight for Sarahs leaving do at work, we're going for lunch... but she is actually leaving on friday so I think i will bake tomorrow.

I am now sat at Johns blogging because the football is on and I think England games are the most boring football games I have ever seen in my entire life.

I kind of wish I had stayed in and baked but I watched a documentary today ( as I had the day off) on 9/11 called 102 minutes or something. Now, I have watched all the docs going on 9/11 as I am weirdly fascinated by it, but this one was different, it was footage that has never been seen before and there was some traumatic shit on there. ANYWAY the reason I didnt stay in was because noone else was in and I did feel a bit traumatised so wanted to be around people. So here I am.

Today was nice, met the boy on his lunchbreak and went and had a nice lunch. Then went and bought my paste colours and had a wander, then had a wander back home. And it was soooo sunny and hot. And I did laundry and hung it out in the garden. And tidied my room. And danced about. di di di did ididi.

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