Sunday, 31 January 2010

Cupcakes galore....

SO I had birthday cakes to make for my dad's friend Nathan. Nathan is a tattoo artist so I did a little mock up of him tattooing some guys back...

Check out the website for the tattoo shop he runs... My dad also works there...its pretty cool...

These are again guinness cake with black and white butter icing and black fondant stars with words piped on. And some black glittery stars. And of course, the fondant man,

Then I also had been asked by Picto to make some pretty cakes for a wedding present. This time I made vanilla cupcakes filled with squidgy nutella and then iced in baby pink butter cream edged with baby pink sugar and a light dusting of white holographic glitter and then i piped a nice bright pink heart on each of them...
Then I also made him six more to take home to Mary and Pete his lovely lovely folks. Pete isnt a massive fan of icing so what I did there was not only fill them with nutella but also spread it all over the top. And then I sprinkled them with nice chocolatey sprinkles.
And then Mary's were pretty much like the wedding cakes but with different pink sprinkles on top.

And there were smiles all round. x


  1. Wow! That tattoo cupcake cake is stunning!

  2. that tattoo cake is FABULOUS!!!!

    as are the cupcakes. i wish i could have one with my morning coffee.


  3. Those are fabulous!!! (Well cupcakes always are but yours look so lovely)

    Great job :-)

  4. MMMMMM cupcakes! They look delish and are oh-so-cute!

  5. DUDE! your cupcakes look amazing! and i bet they are scrumptious!

  6. that are totally AWESOME!!! YUMMY!!! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

  7. wow your cupcakes are amazing! i never have the patience to ice all those little cakes :)