Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Valentines Day Orders & Prices in General!


Valentines day is around the corner...

If you;
  • Want to buy cupcakes for a loved one.
  • Would like to hint for someone to buy you some cupcakes.
  • Are not sucked in by Valentines Day but would just like to buy some cupcakes
  • Are single and lonely and would like to comfort eat some cupcakes.
  • Would like to send "I Hate You" cupcakes to an idiot...

...Place your orders NOW! (Or soonish... because I am in demand haha)

Prices for whatever cupcakes you want (from the list**) in a box for you (minus delivery charge) with whatever you want on them (lets chat about that...)

2 Cupcakes - £5

4 Cupcakes - £10

6 cupcakes - £12

12 Cupcakes - £25

24 Cupcakes - £40

More??? Hit me up on email! Bityscupcakes@hotmail.co.uk

** LIST: chocolate guinness/rainbow/vanilla/white choc & raspberry/lemon/carrot/any colour/nutella filled etc....


  1. Did you mention CUPCAKES?!!! Girl you speak my language. They are my favorite of course :)
    Wish you didn't live so far away...or i would order of course. Boo :(

  2. Missee. I would like 2 guinness chocolate cupcakes for my Valentines breakfast, with bright pink sparkly icing. 1 with a black broken heart on it, and 1 with a little skull and crossbones. Icing smooth and fairly thin please, I'm not about the piling high.

    Blogs for you that I like the mostest are:





    Love them ... love you. Love cake!