Friday, 15 January 2010

Catching up on cupcake posts....Numero Un!

So.... one of the first orders I had in this past week was for the lovely lady I did the wedding cakes for... She requested 12 cupcakes for her father in laws birthday.

her lists of wants were...
guinness chocolate cupcakes
greens and blues
musical notes
little bit of sparkle.

So I went and made some guinness cupcakes for her and then I made musical notes out of fondant and also little presents out of fondant. All black. Then I piped green ribbons on the presents. I made stars out of black fondant as a back ground to the piped letters spelling out POPS.

I think it looks pretty cute really. I never really pipe owt because I dont think I am very good so I decided now was the time to teach myself... Didnt work out too bad... (another reason is because I lost my letter cut outs... theyre crap anyway. Theyre too skinny and look a bit lame sometimes...)

And then I piped a mish mash of green and blue buttericing onto the cakes so it was all marbley and nice. and sprinkled a lil bit of blue holographic glitter on (i do heart my glitter...Im building up quite the collection...) and popped on the music notes and presents, put them in a box and put on some nice blue and green ribbon and the photos you see on this post are the finished article.

Wham bam thank you mam.

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  1. All your cupcakes are lovely :)

    What do you use to get the whippy icing like all fancy cupcakes have? I would love some advice!