Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Time for Positive Thinking????

I'm not trying to bring everybody down. I am a really bubbly person and it takes something out of the ordinary to knock me down, so please bear with me while I get a grip!! Feel free to leave kind words of encouragement/wisdom/funniness etc.

But just so you know I am trying...

I went and had a read of this beautiful lady's blog earlier and her latest post grabbed my attention and made me feel a bit better. Her blog is so lovely and nice and always gets me thinking.... Thanks for that...

Aubrey's Lovely Blog


  1. hey now, chin up :)

    hope this makes you laugh :D

  2. OH! and also, music is always a good way to decompress! i just made a post on a bunch of good stuff; im not sure what kind of music you like but check it out anyway on the chance that you might like what's there: http://tinyurl.com/y9vvwh8

  3. Hope you cheery up soon. Have a listen to:


    Always cheers me up! x