Wednesday, 25 November 2009

So...Whats happened since my last post. The boys got back across from Ireland safely and we drove back... The weather on the way to Wales was horrendous but on the way back it went back to being nice driving with the boy weather. Sunny and pretty and nice times. He gave me another cool gift. A Man U glass with a picture of a young Ryan Giggs on it.Me and gab love it!!!

Got home hung out, went to the football etc.

Its been nice, still the same as always, but nice I guess.

Went to the pub last night with Picto and Darran. We were talking about funny things. At one point early on I thought I was gonna have to go home. You know when youre talking about things and you want them to happen for you but they arent happening and the worst thing in the world you can imagine is those things happening with the person you want them to happen with and someone else. Not you. Its heart breaking. That doesnt really make much sense but nothing really makes much sense right now. I didnt realise my 27th Birthday is less than 4 weeks away and I am having some sort of mini midlife crisis/breakdown. I have lots to say, fears, blah blah about it but I darent because I will sound like a worrying loser! woo.

I built my dreams around you - The Pogues & Kirsty Macoll.

I need to not build my dreams around the boy.


Work is still quiet... but on a good note my favourite Irish Mancunian is coming to see me (well not just me, everyone, but I'll say me, just because I can) tomorrow and I am excited! I miss his face.

Thought I would post as I have nothing better to do. I have nothing of interest to say though!

Its the wedding on 5th December! Scary! Didnt realise it was soooo close. Cupcakes ahoy!!

Saturday, 14 November 2009


Patiently waiting for tomorrow morning when the boys will be back from Dublin to grace me with their presence. A day of nice chilling. Window shopping in Bangor. NO MONEY TO BUY! A little browse around the local tesco superstore. Brought a cheapo hairdryer. Now back to the little beach hut for x factor and chipsticks then a lovely shower and plenty of much needed time to make myself beautiful hahahahahah.

The boy text to say that all ferries from Holyhead had been cancelled today so it was a good job they went and got the 2am one, the weather has been SHITE, truly hope everything is back on tomorrow!!!!!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

A million Posts in One Go....

Remember how I said a while ago that my friend at work still had her cupcake I made her on her desk because she said it was too pretty to eat... Well I finally went and took a picture of it... hahah. Ta Dan. xxxxx

Also, I have been messing about and making little pictures for my website and this is one. I like it I think its cute.

I have been on holiday from work for the past two days... and what have I done... Sweet FA. Niceeeee.
Wales tomorrow with the boy and Picto. Exciting. Well they're popping off to Dublin, I'm chilling in Wales. hope to see Jemma and the bab!!!
If the boy doesnt get me some Golden Crisp I will take him and I will beat him. hahahahah
Picto just made bad ass cottage pie. I love him for his cleverness in the cooking of all things pie.
I'm off to the pube for quiz. nighttt xxxxx


So another post... The last couple of weeks there have been a couple of birthdays that I have been making cakes for...

First of all is Little Joe my little brother. I say little... He's 25 now. I made him some lovely chocolate guiness cakes with blue icing and sparkles... I wanted to take a picture of him with them, but hes crap and he went out with his friends and didnt have time to see me and my cakes. I did tell him that I was gonna mash his cakes with mums potato masher. I didnt cuz I am not cruel and he did call me to tell me he was sorry and his cakes were amazing...

Then there was gran who is a raging diabetic but kept saying she wanted cakes. I told her if she ate one there was no doubt in my mind that within ten minutes she would be on the floor foaming at the mouth but she promised she would take them to her prayer group or something and share them out... Only made her 3 but made them pink and sparkly. Pink is her favourite colour and she loves sparkles. She said when she delivered the tins back she would have owt that was sparkly and in that moment I realised where I get it from. We're like magpies...just nicer.

Here's Polly posing. She's wearing my vintage fur.(not real) She loves anything I have and always desires to try things on. I always let her have her fun. God knows I used to do it with all her stuff when I was a kid. Always drowned in her jewels and wicked 1970s platform court shoes...

Then I went to burnley with the boy and Picto. It was Pictos mums birthday so he commissioned me to make some cakes for her and she was dead impressed as was he. He tried to get a picture with the cakes but somehow doesnt know how to work the flash on a normal everyday camera, but hey the thought was there and I have stuck it on here anyway. the cakes were guinness choc guinness with milk choc ganache and white and milk choc star sprinkles, as Mary is not a massive icing fan and then nice little vanilla cakes with pink butter icing. With sparkles and pretty roses and hearts.

And finally it was Amy and Tonys birthday so just made them a few choc guinness cakes with yellow butter icing and bright sprinkles. We were all meeting down the pub for a couple(or ten) and I took them down too stuck candles in lit them presented them and did a little dance. Loooveeely.
(Meatloaf : Objects in the RearView Mirror)

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Dollymix Encore...

It's been so long since I posted anything of interest or cupcakey for a while due to the internet issue mentioned below somewhere...

So anyway, I did my second lot of cakes for Dollymix last week. I really need to go in there and see them on display but i have been away in Burnley this past weekend and now am going to Wales this but apparently they are doing rather well...when I came into work on monday someone even said " I saw your cakes in Dollymix!" ... Cool... Well here is a photo of the lovely logo...

if you live in Leicester...if you come and visit...or if youre thinking of visiting...DO... and go there...its a frickin treasure trove.

So... these are the cake... I just did rainbow cakes, vanilla cakes, lemon cakes and guinness choc cakes and decorated them with bright butter icing and sprinkles. The lemon cakes had lemon butter icing and those lovely little 1980s jelly lemon things on ha

(gloria estefan...can't stay away from you)

Thursday, 5 November 2009


There's not much I love more than being surrounded by my buddies, good food & drink. But when you add fireworks into the equation I get a bit excited. Yes Fireworks!!!!

Got cake pics to post but being as my internet is an absolute butt hole and I have rang Sky and told them they can stick it up their own butt holes being as its been ages (like months) and they still havent fixed it. So I now just have no internet at home and no camera cable at work. Weeeeee.

One day little followers, one day.

Haha it makes me laugh that some people let alone 1 person follows me. I thought noone would. I write shit.

Once again I apologise as I know its labelled as cake site or something. Well with me you get what youre given. And my mum said only the other day, "well youre not normal are you Char?"

Yeah cheers Sue.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I love how...

...Work goes from being so busy I cannot breathe to absolutely nothing with not so much as a drop of a hat.

The systems haven't been working for two days so I cant get on spread designer to do owt anyway. So I have just been looking at blogs and googling pictures of dogs in costumes and oh my mate sent me this, take a look, like she said "you won't regret it"

To be honest, as much as I didnt regret it, at the same time I did.

I hate not being busy because all I can think about is the boy and all that. Sometimes it makes me not sleep at night. Sometimes he tells me he cant sleep for thinking about things. I don't know if its the same things. To be fair I think he would have better things to think about than me.

I am all a quandry. A little washing machine full of thoughts.

I have butterflies all the time when I think of things. But of late they feel like they have mutated into mini monkeys that run about my insides like mini mentalists. All the same I feel strangely excited about most things life has to offer right now and that can only be a good thing right?

I dont think anyone has made me happy like he does in ages.

I dont think anything has made me happy like cupcake baking does in ages.

I dont think anyone makes me smile like the boy does.

I dont think anything makes me smile like looking at dogs in costumes does.

Monday, 2 November 2009

I think I have finally...

...Lost my mind.

I have agreed to a trip. Knowing forewell I have no money and things. But by george I have gone and booked a cute little place to stay.

All so the boy can get to his ferry.

The things you do hey.

It looks cute. In november though it might be less than cute.

Oh dear...

Being as I blew my mixer up by being a culinary demon. I borrowed my Ma's trusty kenwood chef. She's had it for over 30 years. Cue me happily mixing away I turned around to, I don't know...mess about? and I thought oooo whats that funny smell and then HOLY SHIZZZZ WHY IS THE KENWOOD SMOKING?!?!?!?! Then doing what only could be described as a hilarious dance of Oh My God around the kitchen.

Well done Bitsy.

Mixers dont like you.