Sunday, 4 October 2009

So it was a busier week in Bitsys Land of Cupcakery this week. As I say two bits of stuff to do cakes for James's work and Emma's daughters birthday cupcakes. Which I talked about below and the shitty bus journey and the tears etc. Well I did make them and I promise they were beaut. The photographic evidence features below...

She wanted vanilla sponge with choc goo middles and girly swirly icing so thats what I delivered. There were yellow swirls with lilac sprinkles and a sugarpaste heart covered in lime green glitter and then there were lilac swirls with pink sprinkles with purple glitter sugarpaste heart and last but not least there were pink swirls with yellow sprinkles and pink glittery sugar paste heart. They looked so sweet!

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