Tuesday, 13 October 2009

It is officially....

... winter. Well it feels like it. It's baltic out. I have seen a big fat flava flave fur coat in Catherines vintage shop. I reckon I'm gonna snap it up. It's sooo cosy. I'll look like a big bear or a complete nob but either way I will be warmo. I do like the cold. I like seeing my breath and things. It means you can snuggle down at night and get warm and the boy can light fires and we can get toasty.

Talking of the boy. He is in Ireland. Boo. I want to be in Ireland. Ireland is nice and would be somewhere nice to be cold and snuggly. With fires and alcohol. Oh gettin dreamy now. Snap out of it Girl you're at work! I am early today. I have the car. I didnt leave til 7 last night. I feel like a I live here a bit at the mo. Meh.

Gonna bake later have to make cakes for young James... a different one... its his girlfriends birthday so you know. He wants cute pink and black numbers. I also have some more kids cakes to make for saturday. I am trying to keep busy til hes back.

Nice dinner in with the girls last night. We made leek, spring onion, bacon & mushroom tagitelle. Was so nice. A bit of Hells Kitchen. I love Gordon Ramsey programmes. The boy thinks there should be more and then a Gordon Ramsey channel. I whole heartedly agree. Although I do think he's a bit over the top. It was a USA episode last night, he called one man a thick C***. Well. Personally I think it was uncalled for but then again I didnt know the man. Maybe he was. Hahahah.

Someone in the office is talking about how busy she was yesterday and how she is annoyed with people and she used the phrase "I was so mad I was shitting a cheese sandwich" WHAT THE?!?!!? Thats the funniest thing I have heard in at least a week!! hahahahahahah. Oh I love it here.

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