Sunday, 18 October 2009

Irish Goodness

So on the boys return from Ireland I received a few amazing bars of chocolate and a penny whistle which was my surprise. Ooooh maybe I will actually try and learn it and be rather impressive. It has instructions you know. Maybe I wont. Haha. Can you imagine... "Oh boyyy check me out! *plays penny whistle while doing some kind of embarrassing mum dance* how do you like me noowwwww?" Cue boy running to the hills whilst trying to stifle nervous laughs hahaha.

And as much as I thought he was amazing for all that and making me the best sandwich in the world on thursday after he had been travelling and giving me amazing hugs while he smelled of holiday showers and was all beautiful and hot hot hot. We still had an argument on the weekend and now I am sure he hates me.

Damn it. Why cant I uphold the goodness.

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