Saturday, 24 October 2009

Being part of X-factor sweepstakes is putting me on edge...

Its been a fair while since I last bothered to write... I've been working HARD. Busy busy busy. So the latest gossip is nothing. The boy apologised for being an asshole which was nice but he still doesn't get it. Oh well. Least everything is good between us. He got drunk on thursday and said some lovely lovely things. Shame is he cant remember saying any of it and thinks I was making it up which I was not which is SHIT. But I still know what he said and it was lovely and heartwarming whether he knows or not.

Dee and his wife have had a baby. Funny how time flies. I remember seeing them near the start of the pregnancy and that seems like yesterday. Hmmm. Awww.

I had my roots dyed so i know longer look bald.

The boy stayed over last night and he smells so good.

I have decided i am gonna try and compile a list of my loves....


1. Food tube on super size vs. super skinny.

2. Baking cupcakes.

3. Open fires.

4. Autumn when it doesnt rain.

5. Making dinner with the boy.

6. Dating in the Dark (the programme).

7. The way the boy smells.

8. Going for long dinners with the girls where we can talk about stuff for hours.

9. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes - to the tune of girls, girls, girls by Motley Crue.

10. Magazines. I estimate at least one fifth of my wages is spent on magazines.

11. Waking up and seeing the boys face.

12. Shauns handlebar moustache (short-lived, but entertaining all the same).

13. New York City.

14. Andrew McCarthy.

15. A tidy room.

16. Singing.

17. Going out dancing.

18. Kissing the boy... A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

19. Fresh flowers.

20. Cooking on an AGA.

21. Dreaming of things. Kam is my partner in crime for being a dreamer. We love it.

22. Saturdays.

23. Cadburys Dairy Milk Golden Crisp.


25. Bassett Hounds, Newfoundlands, St. Bernards, Old English Sheepdogs.

26. The smell of cut grass in the summer.

27. Dancing in warm rain.

28. Messing about in the snow with the boy.

29. Fireworks.

30. Playing boardgames with my favourite people in all the world.

31. Living with Lar & Zod.

32. The South of France.

33. Watching horrific TV with Lar & Zod. I wholeheartedly apologise to our neighbours. We are not being killed. We're watching embarrassing bodies.

Thats it for now.

Just so you know I started writing this on saturday afternoon and got to numero 17. Then saturday night happened and this morning I carried on. The weekend was eventful.

I'm not quite sure what to say. I dont want serious things. Why do we have to talk. I want it to be fun. Just let go.

"A kiss may ruin a human life."
- Oscar Wilde.

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  1. Hey :)
    Thank you for following me, I'm a bit slow so only just got round to having a nosey back. I thought I'd comment this entry because it give me more to say hehehe.
    If I made a list of loves I think it'd go on forever....and have to include bees and dr pepper. I totally agree with 3, 4, 8, 16 and 17. I also agree with 5, 7, 11 and 18 - but obviously with mine not yours :)
    I think I've fallen in love with your cakes. Like, all of them. All the pictures are so yummy!