Monday, 22 November 2010

Heavy Metal Delight....

So hopefully the insurance people are sending me and Lar a cheque to cover all the bits we lost in the 'Great Robbery of 2010'. Well. They say this. They also say they sent it first class post last Wednesday but we are yet to receive it.

So I haven't decided where my loathe lies yet. Royal Mail or the insurers. Id like to say I have faith in the Royal Mail and it couldn't possibly be them. It is the Queens service after all. But I have a feeling if I actually said that out loud I would have to eat my words and then yeah. I hate eating my words.

But I am depending on that cheque a little too much really. My phone has been cut off. Yea readers. That's how bad it is, it wasn't even that much of a bill. But it was slightly more than normal due to being in Miami for a bit and being an avid texter. What are normally all inclusive text messages then turn into 40p a message text messages and then you realise you are a bit screwed. But yes, I digress, it went out the bank at the end of the month when there's no money there and ding! returned payment and no other money. Therefore I now no longer have the phone or the Internet. I feel like a social leper.

Orange phone company. I was gonna send you cakes. I retract my cakes now. HA.

I also have a parking ticket. But the boy is gonna pay that for me. Its my own fault really carelessly parking with my back wheels not quite in the lines. Parking Nazis.

I should always stick to my motto. If its in the lines its fine. Even if its on the wonk. Or really close to the line or, you know, upside down. As long as its in the lines its fine.

It was late, the road was empty. I didn't think the parking Nazi would be out in the bleak mid winter at 10pm down a back street on a Friday. My error.

But apart from that. Everything is gravy. Back to Miami on Saturday. Niceeee. Only for a couple of days mind but I don't mind. I will go anywhere!

Friday night I thought I would be good and stay in and have a bath and a relax but I couldn't relax. So I went to see Kam. We decided as the boys were out being boys we would have a little drink and play rockband. Thant turned into competing hard core on rockband and downing shots of tequila when we thought we had played bad ass and deserved it hahah. The boys came home and it all went to pot. Apparently we weren't that good to the everyday onlooker. Well we liked it so what?! Haha.

I was supposed to get up Saturday morning to go to hot yoga at 10am. Instead....I stayed in bed. Had some toast. Much more appetising than sweating out tequila in a room full of bears disguised as men in speedos.

Saturday I was good. Went to Soundhouse to watch Dethonator. If you like a bit of metal. Check these guys. I think they are the most awesome thing to come out of Leicester. At first I was biased as I used to be good pals with the drummer but I am hooked. They truly are awesome and Jim the singer is immense. I have never seen someone hold notes as sick as he does live.

Oh and also!Karl Phillips & The Midnight Ramblers. Also siiiiiick.

They are a weird one but I defy you to catch these guys live and not want to get in on it. They are like a hip hop band. Karl Phillips kills it and then they smash it on the instruments. Truly talented. You know when you watch something and it just looks so easy. Its like that. It looks easy, it looks fun. To be honest. I just wanted to be in the band.

ANYWAY.... off on a tangent. I didn't drink. I baked. I got loads of pics to put on here but, again waiting for the cheque, so I can replace my little laptop of dreams and get my photos out there.

There are some cracking bits I have been doing and its Christmas again so the cute shit is gonna come out!

Then Sunday got up early had a run and then made a roast with Kam for when the boys got back from football. It mostly went good. The yorkshires went a bit wrong. We didn't have a bun tin so we used cupcake cases and that didn't work. Also. I don't think the oven was hot enough hahah. SO the boy saved the day with a quick jog round to the spar and a bag of Aunt Bessies under one arm. Picto and him also brought dessert. I think I fell in love last night. Properly. When the boy dished out choc fudge cake and flake ice cream, in man portions.

We then played rockband til our eyes fell out. If I never hear Painkiller by Judas Priest again I will be a happy girl.

And she goes to bed happy. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. you have covered so many topics in this post! you know i will be checking out those bands...RIGHT NOW!!!

    hang in there!!!!