Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I have...

The worst Cough.

SO EXCITED for the end of this week!

Hanging out with the boy Thursday after work. Going to get him a new bed as he's a grown up and has actually brought a house! Then going cash and carry to buy regular things just massive versions hahaha.

Thennnnn LOST FINAL!! Double episode. Pizza. Beers. Last sleepover in the old house.

Thennnnn Friday... Off boy goes to see his friend in Sheffield and I get to see my girls! MY SEX AND THE CITY GIRLS!!! So excited to see this film. I remember two years ago like it was yesterday thinking. May. May 2010. I cannot wait. And here it is!!!

This is another thing I have managed to completely avoid. I haven't seen the trailer. I haven't seen anything to do with it. I haven't read any stories on it. Nothing. I know nothing about this film. I am saving it alllll up for Friday. 2 years of saving! And the time is finally here!

Dinner and drinks with the girls and then whoomph there it isssss.

And then Pictos parents are down to help him move because he is moving in with the boy so that'll be nice. Then the boy is back Sunday to move his stuff. Last minute as always... and I actually love that... And its bank holiday Monday! YAYAYAYAYA.

SO that's all I have to say.

No Facebook Makes Bitsy A Dull Girl.
No Twitter Makes Bitsy A Dull Girl.
No Telly Makes Bitsy A Dull Girl.
No Magazines Make Bitsy A Dull Girl.

Monday, 24 May 2010


OHHHH. I am not watching the final of Lost until Thursday. THURSDAY. Meh. So I cannot look at Facebook, Twitter, Your blogs, The internet in general. Cannot have Lost conversations or conversations in general for that matter. I fear I am going to over hear something. I cannot see people. Oh. I wish I didnt have a job so I could just hide in my house watching DVDs not the television. Not reading papers or magazines. For those who know me you know that magazines are MY LIFE BLOOD. I cannot go without. I spend hundreds on magazines. Good ones. Shit ones. It doesnt matter. I love them. Well I have forbidden myself from them for FOUR WHOLE DAYS.


Oh yeah. And I am in my lunch break eating my breadless soup and normally I peruse your blogs, you know to keep up to date, but I can't. JUST IN CASE.

So if any of you are friendly and awesome and lovely and care about me enough to tell me that I can read your blog because it wont contain any LOST information in any way. Please do so.

Or share links to cool things I can look at for I am bored. BORED. BORED!


Sunday, 23 May 2010

Glorious Weekend...

This weekend was glorious! Except the fact I am still falling apart - healthwise haha.

England is soooo weird. How does it go from two saturdays ago being wet and icy and windy and soooo depressing to this weekend sunbathing at 7pm at night! So weird! To be fair. I am a bit burnt!

Basically this weekend was nice because it was beautiful weather. Ginger Dave was commuting from Colchester to see the boys, my Irish Mancunian was coming down and also Army Tom was back from Afghan so he was coming from Londres. So it was awesome. Kam and Darran were holding a BBQ friday night so that was lovely. Late night but lovely.

Then saturday came and we all decided to go to the park to play cricket.

Vote Shaun Dyer for Pirate Party! hahahaaha *

We took a wee picnic and loads of beers in cool box and went and killed it. Me and Sav didnt play this time. We have retired from cricket so we played travel scrabble, gossiped, played uno, watched the boys, sunbathed, ate cookies... that kind of thing.

Stayed there til like 8, still piping hot, got a bit of sunburn, headed home for a shower then met the boys in the pub for the Champions League final. Last two C.L finals I have watched have had English teams in so it was weird to watch it and there not be. Not as exciting for me but the boys will watch literally ANY football!

Then we moved on to Fubar and we stayed there all night. At first we were all a bit done from our day in the sun but then the Jager Bombs came out and we fucked about with You Tube. Nothing better than having your mom shut the bar at closing time and leaving you in there. Old 90s summer music on the You Tube... think Big Mountain, Charles & Eddie, Aswad, Inner Circle, Peter Andre... Oh and she's like the wind from the legend that is Patrick Swayze.

Ginger dave is getting married in September and he is having She's like the wind as his first dance. Thats amazing cuz its not even a joke!

Oh and all the cool songs from the Rocky soundtrack and Karate Kid sound track.


So yeah, picture it... Me and these boys...

Drinking and dancing like we were 15 in our own little club.


Then went back to the boy's house where he fed me Jim Beam and we watched Road trip and had a cuddle then I went home at 6am. You know when you have no stuff and its all hot and meehhh and you really want your own bed... Yeah so that was me 6am Sunday morning bright sunlight... Walk. Of. Shame.

Morning dog walkers, morning!

Had a bit of toast... Went to bed.

Sunday My Irish Mancunian and Army Tom came and plucked me from my pit, where I now had lost my voice completely, still cold sored up to buggery and had now developed a little ulcer right in the corner of my mouth so it hurts to eat, talk, move, anything. CRAP.

See, thats why I am falling apart.

ANYWAY, those lovely boys came and got me and we went to go look at my mothers new pub... its in the process of being done out. I hope its gonna be cool, then we went into town to shop for sunglasses. And it was ROASTING out. Then the lovely I.M brought me lunch at Handmade Burger. Pesto mozzerella and chicken. YUM. Then back to the boys to get him to go watch football. Then Lost. Penultimate Episode.

OHHHH. I cannot wait for the final. Its on at 5am this morning they time it is being aired in US. BUT we are saving it for Thursday. I am gonna have to shelter myself from the world until then. If someone spills the beans I will literally beat them with a baking tray.

I am sunburnt and my bedroom is hot. I am uncomfortable. My cough is still there and I cannot talk. My mouth hurts. I look like a crack whore with this coldsore and I am still fat like a hippo.

BUT on the upside... I had one of the best weekends with my boys and girls. . . Put a couple of pics in for good measure. Gotta break up the rambling hey!

I dont want to work when its hot! My bits like a bloody greenhouse!

Lots of cakes to make next week so expect some actual cupcakes all up in this cupcake blogggg.

Peaceeeee xxx

*This is what happens in England. A wee bit of sun comes out and all the men take their tops off and start acting like nobs hahahah.

Shaun. Put your nips away hahaha. Love you!

Thursday, 20 May 2010


...Without bread is like a world without sunshine.

Think of me when you have a glorious lunch.

As this is what I will be eating for the foreseeable future.

Much Love,
An extremely poor and horrendously fat Bitsy xx

Doorstep Cry

Ugh. Had a row with the boy. Only because I am down and wanted attention. Nothing more. And it seems the slightest thing will set me off.

He went home to bed. I sat on the step and sobbed.

Remember before when I said I sobbed so hard my chest hurt. Yeah. It was that again. Nice.

Need to cheer the fuck up.

Brighter note... Alan wants 40 cakes for his birthday. I have no idea who he will be giving these to. An order is an order and I REALLY need the cash.

Check this out... I love this song more than words can say

Its probably not want you want to listen to when you're a bit sad, but it has nice memories for me.

First heard it on Katy's Ipod when we were on holiday in LA and this, Wish you Were here by Incubus (Oh Brandon you beautiful beautiful man) and 99 Red Balloons by Goldfinger were our LA songs.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


I am trying to link this blog up to twitter... but I am failing miserably... Haha.

I don't know. It all looks weird. But it may well have to do because its starting to bore me!

I need help!

I need someone nice to come in and say... " Now Bitsy... you sit down and have a cuppa and I will fix all of this for you and make it all pretty and nice in no time."

I will be honest... I spend a lot of time dreaming.


CD Exchange of Awesome-ness

Remember a while I ago I participated in a CD swap with a lovely lass called Claire well... I got my stuff from her! It has been a while and its my own laziness that I have reported this late! Sorry Claire!

Here's what I received.

A cool looking envelope on my dining room floor when I got back from work! Sure made a cool change to bill this, bill that!!

A really cute little card with a wee note in about how cool it was to be part of the exchange

And then the two CDs came in this super cool little booklet thing that Claire had made!

I was totally overwhelmed by the packaging alone! It was sooooo cool! I felt a bit bad that mine was a bit second rate! But at least I know for next time what I need to aim for! Never under estimate how crafty/arty/talented/thoughtful people are!!

I did take a picture of the CDs I dont know why. I think it was because I had one of them in the stereo in the kitchen and the other one in the stereo in my bedroom.

They are crammed with the most awesome songs. And although some stuff I may well have not picked myself I love it all which has opened my eyes to a lot of things and some stuff, well! I was amazed because it was totally stuff I would like!

Thanks so much Claire! When I get some time I might even send you some other stuff just because its nice to have a little bit of a penpal hey!!

If anyone knows of any more of these snazzy little exchange things please tell me because it was the first one i did and I really really enjoyed it! It really made my day to receive such lovely things!

Again, Claire, thank you so much!! xxx

Going to the Chapel....

Nearly time for my 2nd wedding order. June 25th!

I made some more tester cupcakes for the lovely Charlotte just to make sure I had it right. She wanted simple pastels and sprinkles.

Check out the cute little polka dot cups they are baked in. I have never used anything like that but they were the only pink polka dot cake cases I could find which were of a decent size. But they're quite sturdy and pretty cool.

So, I think this is what we are going with. 150 times over! Wooooo

It's late in the night...

And I can't sleep.


Thought maybe I should take this chance to blog about whats gone on in the past couple of weeks. Nothing major really. Mostly work. But a few bits. I hope I don't bore you. I really don't have the energy to write but I feel bad for not writing. It's so weird how this blogging thing gets a hold on you hey.

First of all I will report that right now I feel disgusting. Basically I am ill from work and I have just been stressing about my backlog and blah blah because it is my busiest time. I went in this morning because I physically couldn't stand it and I think it was making me feel worse and it didn't seem like I had that much to do and I managed to delegate some stuff to my friend Alicia who is temping to help out the other girls and they didn't have much for her to do. I felt bad for dumping stuff on her but it kinda lifted the pressure on me a wee bit. And I have a sore throat. Sunday and Monday I had chills. Today oh look! A cold sore. On my lip. Basically, that was the final straw. I burst into tears and that was the end of me for the day. I went home. The bus from work fucked me over. I ended up having to walk for ages to get home because I got dropped by the train station. I am skint. So managed to scab £5 off my brother and went to the shop. Brought junk food and ate it ALL. And I feel like a dirty tramp. If my throat wasn't killing like it is, and I hadn't have had a bad experience with trying to make myself sick when I thought I had eaten a wrong frozen meal, I would have tried to have thrown it all up. That's how disgusting I feel. I feel like a big fat ugly blob of doom. And I text the boy to say I was sobbing on a bus and I needed cheering and he didn't text me for like 4 hours and then when he did said he wasn't going to cheer because he had been in interviews all afternoon so wasn't in the mood. Thanks. Sometimes I do wonder what on earth I expect.

Last weekend was the boys Sunday night football team award evening. Which was just a silly little get together that involved drinking cake and silly awards. The boys always do these awards at the end of each season which only lasts about 1 month (haha) then they get together and have dinner and then meet us girls out for drinks and they give out awards to each other. But this time Kam, Sav & I decided that we would do our own set of silly awards and we made rosettes for each winner. It was a lot of fun, even when halfway through making the rosettes we wanted to give up because they were taking so long, but the look on the boy's faces was worth it. And we were proud of the end product!

They were them. We ended up making ten of them...phewwww. Took LONGGGG.

It was a lovely evening and we ended up staying in mums bar til late and when it was just the Boy, Darran, Nuj, Kam & I the boys had one of their "wrestling matches" the kind they used to have back in the day when we always stayed out late in the bar when I worked there, the kind that have me and Kam in stitches of laughter and it was so much fun. Then we went home.

Saturday Laura's birthday in John and Sav's garden. The weather was nice which was a change and it was nice to mingle around drink appletinis and eat pringles. Then we went inside when it got cooler and watches silly things on you tube featuring Brian Blessed. Who the boys LOVE. He makes anything funny just with his laugh!

Watch this episode of Henry 8.0 its only mini.

Then I went home with the boy and had a sleepover which was nice. Went to sleep laaaate. And was woken up by my friend Mark calling to remind me he was coming to get me so we could take Brodie out for the afternoon! What?! Oh no. I am hungover and tired. OK fine. Went to the countryside and looked at a model village. We were going to go to Wistow Maze but we fucked up a bit because it hadn't even grown yet and wasn't open until the end of July haha. So we took her to the pub for some lunch. I wasn't eating and decided to go meet Kam Darran & the Boy for a roast at the Old Horse and I thought I would walk there and in my hungover tired state I thought i was only 15 mins away as it was a straight road from where I was. Shame I didn't click on how long it was. I reckon if Darran hadn't have been so kind as to have rescued me I would have been walking for a good hour maybe 2. And my converse shoe had started to rub on my heel.


Watched the cricket later on. England beat Australia to win the 20/20 World Cup. So that was pretty awesome. Then went to the football with the boy and they lost. Boo. Then came home to watch lost. I watched last weeks and this weeks. I cried when I watched last weeks. I actually sobbed. I guess we are probably behind a wee bit on America but it was the one where the gang get on the sub. Well if you watch it you know how it ends. I felt utterly sad and depressed. So the boy made me beef and mushroom noodles and I remembered why I think hes awesome. Still feeling ill at this point wearing a jumper a jacket and a scarf in the house drinking tea.

And then couldn't speak when I woke up on Monday. So that's that. I can't remember any further back than that? I don't think anything of interest happened?

Oh. Lar is back from the states. She brought me back Victoria's Secrets pants with a cupcake on, and some magnets from Hollywood and Vegas for my international fridge magnet collection.

If anyone would like to contribute to my international fridge magnet collection, feel free.

If anyone lives in the USA and would like to purchase THESE BEAUTIES and send them to me because they only ship to the USA. Gab has a picture of her in them and I cannot believe she didn't buy them!! I collect sunnies and these are frickin fab! Even if you don't want to send them to me out of the goodness of your heart... Just go look and do yourself a favour and purchase them for yourself and spread some happiness about your city!

Might leave this post here and maybe start a new one with some cakes on it...

Just so you know. An advertisement just came on the TV for the penultimate episode of Lost on Friday. It was all dramatic. I truly and honestly do not know what I will do when it ends. What will happen to Sundays? (we record it save it and all get together Sunday after the football and watch it) We will have to life in normal society again. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Monday, 17 May 2010

I'm sorry...

I have been uber busy... at work and in general... and now I am ill. So I haven't posted or wanted to post. I still don't. But I thought I would just let y'all know.

ALSO! Claire! Just to let you know I got my Cd's from you in the post and I love love LOVE them. And I promise I will write more when I feel better.

Be Patient with me. Send me Chocolate. (please)

Much (poorly) love people xxx

Saturday, 1 May 2010

2 Lovely Things In.My.Home...

SO, thought I would play this game again... I haven't done in a while... have linked up on Kass's blog. Cuz she's cool.

2 things I love around my home... Hmmm. I had a think and I was in the kitchen at the time and I thought. Feck! I love most things... Right... What's nice or meaningful or something and close to snap...

So I found this...

I bought this when I lived with Lar and Zod. It signified everything about how we felt about living in Dulverton Palace and it still holds true now. I never thought I would be as happy as I am living with either Lar & Zod or just Lar. So its nice. And its a really cute thing.

And I absolutely LOVE this...

My Hello Kitty toaster. I love it because I love Hello Kitty, like loads, and I also love it because the boy got it for me and it shows that he knows the kind of shit I like and I thought it was really sweet and thoughtful and I really didn't expect it.
There you go. Enjoy.

ps. you should buy a Hello Kitty toaster because when it toasts it toasts Hello Kitty into the bread.
Which is awesome.

Oh... On the subject of toast. I had toast for breakfast. Oh toast. Loveeeee you.

Peanut Butter Cupcakes...

So the boy put in a little request...

"Can you make peanut butter cupcakes? Because I always think that peanut butter should be sweet and its not so I thought that maybe if you mixed it with chocolate it would be nice? So I thought maybe you could make peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes."

Hahahahah. I was amused by this but I thought... I freakin love peanut butter and you should love it too... So yeah I will do that, partly because you are lovely and you only need ask and I do anything (ha) and partly because I have wanted to make these for some time. Just needed a little nudge...

SO I actually invented a recipe. I replaced the butter with peanut butter...well some of it...and that's all I will give away. Oh except for the fact that I put bits of Cadburys Fudge in there...

A finger of fudge is just enough...

Peanut Butter Cupcake...

Filled with chopped up bits of Cadburys Fudge...

Peanut Butter & Nutella Icing....

Crumbled up Cadburys Twirl on Top....
(Cadburys... Sponsor me? Yeah? Go on... I'm nice...)

Cuppy Cuppy Cake... In My HAND...

Nom Nom Nom

Thanks for inventing it boy... ♥

You can thank me later for making it.